Cynthia Urías criticized the arrival of Carmen Muñoz to Cuéntamelo ya

The host mentioned that she has known Carmen for many years (Photo: IG @carmenmoriginal)

Carmen Munoz still giving something to talk about after abruptly leaving To the extreme, program he was conducting in Azteca TV, to later reappear as guest host in the morning Today in Televisa.

However, on this occasion, the former host of Falling in love received a harsh comment from Cynthia urias, conductor of Tell me now!

This whole situation was recorded in the stories of Instagram of Urías, who showed Carmen on the set of said show program and questioned her if she would be part of the members.

“Well, what was promised is a debt, the lady is going to confess the truth to us, here it is. Well, it looks good sitting there, it’s not for nothing but it looks good there. Ash, another one“, He said.

After her harsh comment, Cynthia decided to rectify and mentioned that it was a joke, since she and Carmen have known each other for a long time.

It’s not true, I love that Carmen is here. It is not just one more and here is Jessica too and we are cooking ”, he stressed.

cynthia urías criticizes carmen muñoz
Cynthia questioned whether Carmen would be the host of Cuéntamelo ya (Photo: IG @cynthiaurias)

Given this, Carmen confirmed what was mentioned by Urías. He remarked that they have a long history together and, contrary to what it might seem at first glance, they get along.

“We have known each other since I was in our house, here we shared the forums, we greeted each other very well “said the former member of TV Azteca.

It was Pati Chapoy -in past months- who announced that Muñoz would take a few days off to take care of his relatives living in Guadalajara. Later, Carmen revealed that he was already in talks with Televisa to rejoin their ranks.

The host confirmed her incorporation into the television company with a statement on her social networks: “To the media and the general public: I want to share with all of you that my absence from television was due to my decision to give myself a break, to live with my family. In these difficult times that we are all going through, I consider that the best thing is to take refuge as a family and take advantage of every moment ”.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ carmenmoriginal
Carmen was a guest on Hoy (PHOTO: Instagram / @ carmenmoriginal)

And continued, During this time, I was fortunate to receive different job proposals, for which I am very grateful. However, in conjunction with my agency Make it Press, we made the decision to return to Televisa, a company where I worked 16 years ago and which has given me all the facilities, support and above all, time. I greatly appreciate this new professional stage and I am sure that the project that the company has designated for me will be to everyone’s liking ”.

At the time, the 58-year-old presenter confirmed the rumors and appeared as a special guest on the show Today, where he pointed out that He was happy to return to the company where he made his pininos in driving. Carmen Muñoz revealed in the morning that she is preparing a television project for the channel Unicable.

It has been said that the driver did not reach an agreement with Aztec TV because she he was looking for an increase in his salary, so he did not want to renew his contract after several years of being part of the television station.

In this sense, the journalist Michelle Rubalcava revealed on her YouTube channel that Televisa would have offered the driver from Lagos de Moreno, at least 800 thousand pesos a year.


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