Cynthia Urías listened when Belinda’s mother spoke pests about Christian Nodal

Tremendous stir originated in social networks after the Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal published several messages addressed to the mother of his former partner, Belinda Schull, for referring to him as “naco”. However, Cynthia Uriah made a strong revelation with which I would show that This has not been the only time that the singer’s mother refers to her former son-in-law in an “inappropriate” way.. Here we tell you the details!

In the midst of the controversy, the host of the program “Cuéntamelo Ya!” she claimed to have witnessed how the mother of “Beli” he expressed himself very badly about the singer in a public placewithout realizing that she was there.


“Over the weekend I inadvertently overheard a talk by Mrs. Belinda, I was with my face mask and I think the lady did not recognize me and was talking very loudly about Nodal someone else,” he said.

During her story, Cynthia Urías stressed that Belinda Schull’s annoyance lay in how badly he saw his daughter’s relationship with the regional Mexican composersomething that made it very clear to the person who accompanied her.

“That’s how’oh, it’s that how he suffered for Nodal, it’s that you remember that I didn’t like that relationship‘”, are the alleged words that the mother of the actress in “Welcome to Eden” would have exchanged with a third person.

Uriah did not miss the opportunity to flunk this fact and recommend Schull having more time to care about others express themselves in a public space.

“I did not talk to Nodal, I did not say anything and did not know, but imagine lady who walks through life talking like that, you know it does not have the listener. That they go and tell Nodal: ‘It is that the lady keeps saying that you…’. Well, he already got angry.“, concluded the communicator.

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