Daddy Yankee sends a moving message to those affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

Daddy Yankee is giving his last concert tour – Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.

Puerto Rico has been affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona, which has caused heavy flooding, the flooding of some rivers, and power and water service failures in several areas of the island. Fiona is a category 1 hurricane that landed Sunday in the nation’s southwest.

Given the situation Puerto Rico inhabitants are going through, several artists born on the island have expressed themselves and sent words of support to the Puerto Ricans who are recovering from the passage of Hurricane Fiona. Daddy Yankee has been one of them. The singer, currently offering his latest concert tour, dedicated a few words to his country during his presentation in Dallas, Texas.

“I have many emotions, I am right now in retirement enjoying these beautiful moments with you, and at the same time, I have my heart very much in my land, Puerto Rico, that we are going through another test again. I want to tell Puerto Rico that we are always with you, that this is my home, and for whatever it takes, I will always be there. So let’s always go above and beyond. I love you, Puerto Rico. We are always in the front”, said Daddy Yankee before singing ‘Despacito,’ the song he has with Luis Fonsi and whose video was recorded in Puerto Rico and has millions of views on Youtube.

“This song was born from the heart of Puerto Rico,” said the Puerto Rican singer before singing the song amid the screams of all those attending his concert.

At these words of Daddy Yankee, the audience reacted. “He is a great man always keeping his homeland and his people of Puerto Rico in his heart,” said a user of social networks to the Puerto Rican artist.