Daddy Yankee’s wife dedicates a moving message to the “King of Reggaeton” for his retirement

Daddy Yankee’s wife reacts to his retirement – Photo: Rich Fury. /Getty Images

32 years of musical career is what the “King of Reggaeton“, Daddy Yankee. Time in which he not only created a genre that is today the one that generates the most money in the latin music industry but in which he has given his soul, body and talent to the music that is currently the main component of the urban genre: reggaeton. Before the recent announcement of his retirement from music, his wife, Myreddys Goznález, dedicated an emotional message to him on Instagram.

Through a video on his social networks, the Puerto Rican said that: “I finally see the goal… I retire With the greatest thanks to my audience, my colleagues, all the producers, radio, press and television”, thus making known his retirement from music after 32 years. Many have reacted to the statement. But his wife Myreddys González is the one who has been most moved by the powerful message she dedicated to her husband, Daddy Yankee.

“Today I have mixed feelings, I am HAPPY and SAD!!!! It is ironic that on a day like today, March 20, when we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary and I hear you tell the WORLD that you are retiring from MUSIC that has been your passion during these last three decades. Soon it’s your turn to say goodbye to the stage, you’ve enjoyed yourself daddy yankee for so long but now it’s up to Raymond Ayala Enjoy what you have built. Sometimes endings are the beginning of great things. You managed to enlarge our family with all the FANS around the world who supported you from start to finish, they were, are and will be part of our lives FOREVER; They have never failed you and have always been loyal to you. Know you FANS that you are also part of history. Husband of mine I LOVE YOU and CONGRATULATIONS because although many times the road was HARD, YOU stayed on the road, so much so that today you FINALLY SEE THE GOAL 🏁. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. THANK GOD FOR ALLOWING US TO GET HERE 🙏🏻. From Puerto Rico to the world”, wrote the wife of Daddy Yankee, Mireddys Gonzalez, to the singer himself in solidarity with his decision and the admiration he has had for him all these years.

Of course this does not end here. Daddy Yankee will say goodbye like the greats do. With a new album that she named “Leggendaddy” and a world concert tour called “La última vuelta“. See here the days you can watch Daddy Yankee live in Mexico.

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