Dad’s typo causes his daughter to be named after a bad word

Chloe, a woman from the United States, decided to tell a very particular story through a viral video. What happened? Chloe is not her real name since her real name is a swear word due to a mistake made by her father at the time of signing her birth certificate. Her hilarious case did not take long to become a trend on social networks like TikTok.

A blunder

It all started when a new follower, impressed by her account on the Chinese platform, @cholebhole, asked her if her name was really “Chole,” so she decided to make a video to answer this doubt.

The TikToker confessed that it was a mistake made by her father in her birth documents that affected her life from day one because he registered her as Chole: “Yes, my name is Chole (…) actually, it’s like a second most common spelling mistake in the hospital. My dad spelled it wrong on the birth certificate and never updated it”.

@cholebhole Replying to @Rory fun fact about me #truestory ♬ original sound – chole

The publication, made on September 10, has accumulated more than 840 thousand reproductions, over 35k likes, and over 400 comments on the social network, with only 12 seconds where the TikToker does not give further details on how this error would have affected her daily life.

Users share similar experiences.

Immediately, when the publication went viral on TikTok, it did not take long for it to gain comments from thousands of users with similar problems to hers or, simply, people who did not understand how her father could commit the blunder spelling mistake.

“Oh my God, my dad misspelled Chloe as Chole on my birth certificate, too,” “I will never understand how people misspell Chloe when you pronounce the L before the O. It drove me crazy my whole life,” “literally everything misspells them as Chole,” “my name is Chloe and a lot of people spell my name as Chole.”


♬ original sound – chole