Daily cases of Covid-19 continue to drop in Yucatan: today there were 301 new infections

The Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY) reported that today, February 14, 301 new cases of Coronavirus were detected, which meant a decrease in infections diaries of Covid-19 in relation to the previous days, when the figure exceeded 500 cases.

Of the total cases detected, the SSY reported that 277 were detected in Mérida, 13 in Progreso, three in Valladolid, as well as a contagion from Hocabá, Hunucmá, Oxkutzcab, Temozón, Tetiz, Ticul, Tixkokob, as well as in the municipality of Tzucacab. .

Today there were only 301 new Covid-19 infections in Yucatan. The number of hospitalized has remained below 150 cases, according to the SSY report.

Regarding deaths, it was reported that 10 people died; seven were men and three were women, who had an age range of 58 to 88 years, who suffered from various diseases such as diabetes, obesity, among others.

With these deaths, Yucatan accumulates 6,778 people who have died from the Coronavirus, in addition to the fact that 2,028 cases are active, stable and isolated, according to figures provided by the Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY).

Hospitalized by Covid-19 remain in Yucatan

The number of hospitalized has remained below 150 cases, according to the SSY report.

However, the number of hospitalizations had a slight increase, since today it was reported that 115 people were admitted to public hospitals, while on February 13 it had been reported that 113 people were admitted for Covid-19.

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began to date, 96,970 patients have recovered, which represents 90 percent of the total registered infections, which is 105,891 in Yucatan, according to state statistics from the SSY .

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