Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz spark reconciliation rumors at a Mexican music event in Tijuana

The regional Mexican singer was spotted at a concert in Tijuana with his ex-partner and caught the attention of internet users to see them again.

The 28-year-old influencer Daisy Anahy, who a few days ago boasted about her trip to Rome, Italy, was spotted at a concert where her ex-husband Eduin Caz, who is the lead singer of Grupo Firme, was present and surprised everyone, as many believe that they have already reconciled and are back together.

What was the concert where she supported her ex-partner?

After announcing their separation earlier this year, Daisy, Eduin Caz’s ex-wife and mother of his children was spotted at a Mexican music event this Saturday, April 1st, in Tijuana with a friend. In the images she shared on her Instagram account, she posed next to her influencer Jonathan Becomo and both showed off their drinks.

Daisy drinking with her friend (Credit: Instagram / @anahydpg).
Daisy drinking with her friend (Credit: Instagram / @anahydpg).

Although Daisy only let us see one photo, her friend shared more of the regional Mexican music event at the Chevron Stadium and boasted that artists like Remmy Valenzuela, Carin León, Fabián Gómez, Grupo Alfa, and Manuel “El Indio Ortega” were present. However, what attracted the most attention was Eduin Caz‘s surprise performance, as he surprised everyone by singing along with his friend Carin León.

After Eduin Caz‘s appearance, his ex-wife showed her support. She sang along with her friend Jonathan Becomo, who posted videos of the show in Tijuana, Baja California.

Daisy with her friend (Credit: Instagram / @jonbencomo).
Daisy with her friend (Credit: Instagram / @jonbencomo).

Are Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz still together?

Since they announced their separation, Daisy and Eduin have been involved in several rumors. Some claim the couple is still together, while others claim it’s a reality. Although the vocalist of Grupo Firme revealed that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and their divorce was serious, the truth is that the couple has been captured together more than once. One of the most recent was at a family party in Culiacán, Sinaloa, where they enjoyed the company of their loved ones and their two children.

“It’s real. I feel good. I’m happy. I tell you that I have a good relationship with Anahy because we will have three children at the end of the day, but I will try not to talk too much about my private life,” said the Mexican star in a recent interview with Que Buena.

Eduin performing in Tijuana this weekend.(Credit: Instagram / @jonbencomo)
Eduin performing in Tijuana this weekend. (Credit: Instagram / @jonbencomo)