Dalia Durán: ‘There will always be suitors’

Dalia Durán said that she has not closed the doors to love and even pointed out that she has more than one suitor tried to win her heart, however, she said that she ‘no longer believes in stories with a happy ending’ after living a stormy story with her father of his sons, John Kelvin.

On the other hand, he took the opportunity to clarify that he did not waste or see a dollar of the money donated by the daughters of Andrés Hurtado, in addition, he stressed that whose money was completely used to pay the debt of the department where he previously lived.

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Dalia, 2021 was a difficult year for you, but this 2022 … Would you like to fall in love again?

2021 was a tough year and I work on that to be strong for my children. Fall in love? Ha ha. I do not know. You never know what might happen along the way, but I am sure it will be a year of positive changes.

Is there a special suitor?

There will always be suitors, but after all I’ve been through, it’s hard to believe stories with a happy ending. Also, happiness is not next to a man.

The right one will come into your life because not all men are bad …

It’s true. You can’t generalize, I’m in no rush. A mother should be very careful and not introduce her children to just anyone, but I am very good at this stage.

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On the other hand, a local media interviewed Andrés Hurtado and questioned the money that the driver’s daughters donated to you and it even slipped that you would have spent the money on luxuries … What would you have to say?

The money donated was to pay the debt of the department (where he previously lived). That silver did not pass through my hands at any time, I did not see a dollar, all dealings were made between the production and the lady (owner of the house) in a notary’s office. I don’t know what luxuries they are talking about if I live with the same things that I moved in with. I’m not going to shut up when I know they’re lying.

Does it bother you that they say that Andrés Hurtado cheated on your show?

There was no choteo because I never called him to ask him to renew me or something like that. My employment relationship was always good and I was responsible until my last contract day, which was December 18. I thanked him for the help and for the work that I took on with great responsibility from day 1.

Would you like to return to co-hosting a program?

That’s how it is. I have not spoken and I have no job offer for this year, but I am sure that nice things are coming.


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