Damn cripple!: who will Soraya Montenegro be in the new version of “The rich also cry”

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One of the most renowned Mexican telenovelas through the years is Rich people cry too, which not only went down in history for its narrative, but for the unforgettable performance of Itatí Cantoral to personify the villain Soraya Montenegro.

The first version of this melodrama premiered in 1979, however, the remake it was made years later and was called Maria from the neighborhood. There, the protagonists were Thalía and Fernando Colunga, but what became unforgettable was a scene between Itatí and Yuliana Peniche, where the antagonist yelled at him: “Damn crippled!”.

However, due to the success of this version, this February 21 will be released in The stars the new version of Rich people cry too and within the characters the iconic Soraya will not be missing. For this reason, we will tell you who will give it life.

Is about Fabiola Guajardowho was a contestant on Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León y México in 2007.

Fabiola Guajardo
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The actress began her acting studies at the Televisa Center for Artistic Education (CEA) and has been in major telenovelas such as For her I’m eva or Crown of tears.

Thus, in a press conference, Guajardo commented on some details about how his participation will be and if he would say the long-awaited phrase.

“Yes, yes I yell ‘damn cripple’ not once, but several times, but there is a huge surprise that they are going to love and they are going to enjoy it very much, ”said the artist in a live broadcast.

In the same way, he remarked that his character was quite complex and had many layers that viewers could notice.

“It is very passionate, it is one of the many emotions that Soraya has, it is selfish, it is so much love that it has towards Luis Alberto (Sebastián Rulli) that it is a very particular love, nNobody taught her to love (…) she will suffer things when she was little that makes her take out everything she has. She has too many emotions and they will already know her, ”he said.

How Itatí Cantoral recorded the scene of “Maldita crippled”

For some years now, “Soraya Montenegro” has starred in countless memes in which internet users remember his legendary phrase “Damn crippled”. It was during the soap opera Televisa when the actress, then 20 years old, became the most important villain in Mexico, especially for millennials.

In an interview for the program The interview with Yordi Rosado, Cantoral said that for her it was a very important role in her career (Photo: YouTube Capture)
In an interview for the program The interview with Yordi Rosado, Cantoral said that for her it was a very important role in her career (Photo: YouTube Capture)

In an interview for the show The interview with Yordi Rosado, Cantoral said that for her it was a very important role in her career despite the fact that she considers that she did not prepare before to attend the calls, even revealed that There was an occasion where, for arriving home late, her mother ran her away in the company of Fabiola Campomanes and she had to spend the night at the actress’s house.

came livethat is, all that I did and was the character that to date is iconic. I didn’t study or anythingwhat a shame guys but I have to confess (…) it was like four you already know that ‘oh come on, some taquitos’, They took me to Televisa at door one because I arrived with the mini skirt from the disco at the call: ´I arrived on time, it’s seven o’clock and my call is only at seven o’clock, can I take a shower?He said.

The 46-year-old actress He added that on that occasion he arrived “extremely raw” because he had not slept and had spent a party but he was responsible in appearing on stage. What’s more, assured that he did not have a good level of interpretation, so he dedicated himself to imitating the performance of the director Beatriz Sheridan.

From that perspective, The actress declared that she followed the instructions to the letter, however, she does not remember if “Damn crippled” was in the script. Furthermore, he stressed that failures in the sequence such as when he stabbed “Nandito” (Osvaldo Benavides) with scissors in the arm and out of nowhere he had trouble walking, they were mere instructions.


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