Dangerous TikTok challenge to curl your eyelashes went viral

Through social networks, users have shared videos that have gone viral, as happened with a young woman who shared a dangerous challenge on TikTok for curl your eyelashes, because he used a hair dryer to curl them, but specialists mention that it is dangerous.

The beauty influencers share tips that have caught the attention of their followers, in the same way they share their experience on the video platform as well as on YouTube, but that technique is dangerous, since it could cause cornea detachment and eyelid burns.

Previously in AmericanPost.News We share with you a case of a girl who put on false eyelashes and ended up losing her sight for a few hours, because nail glue was placed on her eyelashes. The woman shared her bad experience in that place in England.

Dangerous beauty TikTok challenge went viral

An influencer shared a dangerous challenge to curl the eyelashes To show off beautiful eyelashes, you must choose an appropriate mascara

In the TikTok video you can see the young woman using a hair dryer after putting on the mascara, although various influencers have used that trick and assure that they have achieved good results, but experts warn of the risks.

The specialists comment that the hair dryer expels the air at about 60 ° C, which will cause a detachment of the cornea and burns on the eyelids, for which a young woman shared that in cold mode it is just as harmful.

What to do to have beautiful eyelashes?

To show off beautiful eyelashes, you must choose a suitable mascara

To get long eyelashes, you must take into account their cleaning and take care of them daily since you must remove the makeup otherwise they will weaken, in the same way you must choose an appropriate mascara, those with more bristles lengthen and curl perfectly.

On the other hand, a good diet is essential for beautiful eyelashes. Through YouTube they have shared some homemade recipes for eyelashes to grow, but recently that TikTok challenge to curl them has gone viral, but they warn that it is dangerous.

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