Dani Alves could have left Mexican football planted: the Brazilian received an offer from Italy

Photo: Victor Pichardo / Imago7

Dani Alves was the protagonist of an extensive novel in the transfer market. The former FC Barcelona player kept Liga MX fans looking for each of his movements. Today, Pumas of the UNAM enjoy their services, but the outcome could have been different.

Instead of reaching Mexican soccer, Dani Alves had in his hands the possibility of going to Italian football. The option was more than viable since the 39-year-old winger has expressed his liking for football in that country, where he wore the colors of Juventus Turin.

Italy always pulled me, and that country always pulls me. Now, before coming to Pumas, I was to go to Italy. It is a place where you work very well in all aspects. That moves me. Imagine someone who likes football, whether big or small, who is well organized”, recognized the Brazilian in an interview with Efraín Velarde.

Which team was Dani Alves going to go to?

Before finalizing his transfer by UNAM Pumas, two teams were fighting over the signing of Dani Alves. Although the times of Juventus in Turin had passed, Serie A could continue to be their level. Reports indicate that the interested clubs were the Associazione Calcio Monza and Spezia. In both institutions, he would play in the first level of Italy, although he would fight not to descend from Serie A.

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