Dani Alves is to be detained on Friday, January 20, for alleged sexual assault

Dani Alves will be arrested this Friday to continue with the legal process due to the accusations of sexual assault against him

According to the program “Y Ahora Sonsoles” of Antena 3, Dani Alves will be arrested this Friday after an investigation was initiated against him for an alleged sexual assault.

Dani Alves has been denounced for allegedly having sexually abused a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona last December 30. The soccer player went there with some friends when a group of girls approached them to talk to them.

According to the club’s security cameras, the Brazilian and one of the girls went to the bathroom simultaneously and came out a few seconds later. She has assured that Alves touched her, which he denied in a video he sent exclusively to ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles.’

His wife, Joana Sanz, also came to his defense, stating that her husband is constantly approached by girls and he would never do something like that.

On Friday, he will be detained.

Carlos Quílez has told exclusively in the program that Dani Alves will be arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the abuse by the Mossos d’Esquadra this coming Friday, January 20.

He will do so as a detainee and will be questioned imminently. It has already been 15 days since the complaint was filed, and in this period, the footballer’s lawyers made themselves available to the agents. Last Friday, January 13, they were called to summon Dani Alves this Friday to testify at nine o’clock in the morning.

The fact that he will do so as a detainee means that he will be photographed and fingerprinted, and, in addition, it will be noted that he has a police record. After making the statement, he will be taken to the dungeons, where his statement will be taken as an investigated person. The prosecutor will then decide whether or not to take precautionary measures.

The police have urged, due to the seriousness of the crime, that they have to detain him and take his statement.

He denied being guilty of sexual assault.

Dani Alves wanted to give his version of what happened on the night of December 30 in a nightclub in Barcelona in a video that he sent exclusively to ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles.’

The footballer has confirmed that he was in that discotheque but respected the space of others and that he went to the bathroom without knowing who was there. “I don’t know who that lady is. I don’t know her,” he has assured.

He confirms that he has never invaded anyone’s space without authorization. In addition, he has asked to stop with everything because he is hurting himself, especially his family. “Enough is enough,” she has asked.

The victim claims the young man sexually assaulted her and has already formalized the complaint. He, however, denies the facts.

His lawyers have already made themselves available to the Mossos to facilitate the investigation.

Carlos Quílez has said that in the images, it can be seen how the girl has an anxiety attack when leaving the bathroom and how an agent of the Mossos attends to her.

What happened?

The footballer has been denounced for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona on Friday, December 30, and has told his version in a video he has made for the program.

The footballer was there with his friends when he was approached by a group of girls, with whom they were talking and dancing. Minutes later, he and the girl who had filed the complaint went to the bathroom and 47 seconds later came out.