Dania Méndez, from Acapulco Shore to La Casa de los Famosos 3 and linked to Peso Pluma

The transformative journey of Dania Méndez: her rise in reality TV, rumored romances, and the bold leap into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Dania Méndez is highly sought after because she is believed to be the new conquest of Peso Pluma, but she is also known for having been in La Casa de los Famosos 3. Do you remember her?

However, we have to tell you that Dania Méndez is not only popular for being very close to Peso Pluma – 23 years old – because her big debut was in Acapulco Shore.

We tell you who is 31-year-old Dania Méndez, nicknamed by her fans ‘La Chingona.’

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Dania Méndez, influencer (@dania.mndz)

Dania Méndez was on La Casa de los Famosos 3, and today is very close to Peso Pluma.

Dania Méndez and Peso Pluma shared being in the same place -Dominican Republic-. However, it is believed that they are hiding something else. But who is she?

Dania Méndez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on February 6, 1992, and although she is now known for having participated in La Casa de los Famosos 3, she was previously on Acapulco Shore.

Although the influencer was already known on social networks when she appeared in season 6 of Acapulco Shore, the MTV reality show, her fame was boosted even more.

Dania Mendez is now a popular participant in various reality shows such as:

  • La Casa de los Famosos 3
  • Acapulco Shore 6 and 7
  • Big Brother Brazil

Although Dania Mendez no longer participated in the eighth season of Acapulco Shore, she is now the host of ‘Acapulco Shock,’ the show that pits the participants against each other after taping the season.

She even said that she would be recording this MTV show again in August.

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Dania Méndez, influencer (@dania.mndz)

One of the situations with which Dania Mendez took more momentum in Acapulco Shore was a fight she starred with 34-year-old Manelyk Gonzalez.

And although this program pushed them apart, it is now known that both are rebuilding their friendship.

The influencer has also been the host of ‘Los 40 MX’, in addition to having appeared in music videos of:

  • Maluma & Piso 21- Más de la una
  • JD Pantoja & Sisqo- La thong

Now it is also believed that what is going on with Peso Pluma is not a romance but a music video recording.

Is Dania Mendez hanging out with Peso Pluma? These are the romances of the ex of La Casa de los Famosos 3

When Dania Méndez entered Acapulco Shore -the reality show where she debuted- she arrived single. However, a season later, it became known that she was having an affair.

Might be interesting:

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Dania Méndez, influencer (@dania.mndz).

This romance was with Lorduy, the singer of Piso 21, who is Colombian and 29 years old. The same courtship lasted two years.

However, it all ended when Dania Méndez -being in Medellí, living in a couple with him- found out that he was being unfaithful.

Since then, Dania Méndez had remained single until she entered La Casa de los Famosos 3 and met 46-year-old Arturo Carmona.

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Arturo Carmona (@arturo.carmona / Instagram )

The model and influencer was very close to the Mexican actor during La Casa de los Famosos 3. However, upon the exit of the two from the reality show, nothing more happened.

“He was always supporting me there, defending me (…) it did not work, if I had seen what you saw outside, maybe something else would have been”.

Dania Méndez, influencer.

Arturo Carmona reacted to images of Dania Méndez in Big Brother Brazil, saying, “It’s all over,” but she assures that she did not have a title, “I left single.”

It is believed that Dania Mendez is dating Peso Pluma. However, other rumors point to the fact that it is only the recording of a music video.

Dania Méndez no longer wants more reality shows; now she’s an entrepreneur.

Dania Méndez believed to be into Peso Pluma, does not want any more reality shows like La Casa de los Famosos 3. Now she is going into entrepreneurship.

Although she is considered the queen of reality shows, Dania Méndez is nicknamed “La chingona “because she advised her followers.

Likewise, Dania Méndez has always shown a very close image to her mom Berny and her brother Jaime and her famous friends, which is why she gives advice “to be chingonas” and hence her nickname.

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Dania Méndez with her mom and brother (@dania.mndz).

Now, the influencer said she wants to be better known in other areas and would have an enterprise dedicated to women.

On the other hand, Dania Méndez made her singing debut with the song “La Reina,” although it is not a corrido tumbado like Peso Pluma sings.

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