Dania Méndez opens up about her relationship with Peso Pluma amid new Telemundo’s reality show “Los 50”

The unfolding love story between Méndez and Pluma amid the intensity and challenges of Telemundo's newest reality competition.

Mexican influencer Dania Méndez broke the silence about her relationship with singer Peso Pluma, with whom she has been romantically linked in recent months, especially after they recorded the video clip of the song ‘Bye.’

Since they made that recording in the Dominican Republic, rumors of a romance between the two have not ceased, even though she moved away from social networks weeks ago because of her incursion in a new project, the reality show of the Telemundo television network, ‘Los 50’.

Above all, after that recording, the couple was seen holding hands when they arrived in their country, Mexico. But neither had spoken about what was happening between the two until now. Dania decided to break the silence.

In an interview with Jimena Gallego, the influencer was asked about this issue and finally decided to discuss it.

“We are getting to know each other. We are two mature people, although they say he is a child, he is a mature name, he leads his career in his way,” said Mendez during the interview.

In that sense, he spoke particularly of Peso Pluma: “He has shown that he is a man made and right for everything he has built and what he has worked to get to where he is.”


Likewise, Dania Méndez took the opportunity to respond to the criticism that has arisen regarding the 7-year difference between the two: “Age is not an impediment,” clarified the 31-year-old.

This is not the first time Dania has been involved in rumors about her love situation. The first time happened during her participation in the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’.

During her stay in the competition, the Mexican influencer starred in an intense romance with actor Arturo Carmona.

Recently, her participation in this new program was made official. Dania Méndez joins again a Telemundo competition that will start very soon.

The reality show ‘Los 50’ is an atypical and exotic competition that will reach the Hispanic television screens where 50 celebrities must fight for the coveted prize.

To do so, they will have to overcome countless challenges in a mansion that will be under the orders of a lion, who will have the help of rabbits, foxes, dogs, among others.