Daniel Bisogno attacks Mariana Ochoa, calls her “ungrateful”

Daniel Bisogno during the recent broadcast of “Ventaneando” he attacked one of his ex-girlfriends, Mariana Ochoa and took the opportunity to remind her of the bad relationship she has with her ex-boyfriends.

In addition, the controversial show host assured that “because of Mariana” he will no longer attend the OV7 concerts.

Let us remember that in AmericanPost.News We have let you know that this is not the first time that the driver attacks a celebrity, because Daniel Bisogno recently called Paty Cantú “ordinary” for chewing gum at concerts.

Daniel Bisogno and Mariana Ochoa

Daniel Bisogno calls Mariana Ochoa “ungrateful” and reminds her of her former partners. Mariana Ochoa regrets her relationship with Daniel Bisogno.

Driver Daniel Bisogno assured that the worst thing that can exist is “being ungrateful, that’s what you can’t be in life and that’s terrible,” he said.

In the same way, she recalled how badly Mariana Ochoa’s relationships have ended, referring to her ex-husband Christian Eskenazi, to whom the singer has confessed she was unfaithful.

Although Daniel Bisogno did not want to give details of their confrontation, it was his partner Pedrito Sola who assured that the driver was upset because “he denied it” and said “unpleasant things” about him, despite having had a relationship.

What did Mariana Ochoa say about Daniel Bisogno?

Mariana Ochoa regrets her relationship with Daniel Bisogno.

The OV7 singer Mariana Ochoa offered an interview for the program “Sale el Sol” where she was questioned about her former relationships, to which she mentioned Daniel Bisogno.

Mariana was questioned about the possibility of erasing someone from her life, to which the interpreter indicated that she would eliminate the driver Daniel Bisogno, although she did not say the reasons.

Such statement of Mariana Ochoadid bother Daniel BisognoWell, it was one of the driver’s most notorious romances and on previous occasions he had stated that they had a great friendship.

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