Daniel Bisogno attends “Ventaneando” with possible symptoms of COVID-19, wears a mask in the transmission

The Mexican driver Daniel Bisogno generated controversy on social networks after he attended the broadcast of this day to the program “Ventaneando”, where he was heard with a hoarse voice, and specified that at the end of the program a new COVID-19 test would be done, since one had been done last Friday and the result was negative.

And it is that during the transmission, the public questioned on social networks why Bisogno had a hoarse voice and was like that on the show.

He took a test last week and it came back negative.

The owner of the program, the journalist Patricia Chapoy conveyed the comments to Bisogno, who replied that after that he would do the COVID-19 test, and that a (PCR) was done on Friday but it came out negative.

He said he was aware that the tests must be done constantly to be safer, however the driver showed up to work despite his hoarseness and without wearing a mask, which was heavily criticized on social media.

Even when the program began, he did not wear a mask, and he did so after an interview with María Antonieta de las Nieves “La Chilindrina”, who recently passed COVID-19, and he spoke precisely of the symptoms he had.

And just one of the symptoms of “La Chilindrina” was hoarseness, as presented by Bisogno, who, listening to it, touched his throat.

Then Daniel Bisgno put on a mask

After that interview, the driver put on a black mask and continued to actively participate in the program.

But on social media they criticized both the show and Daniel Bisgno for exposing the rest of the drivers of “Ventaneando” in this way.

Although it has not been confirmed that the driver has COVID-19, but he was heard with a hoarse voice and a slightly stuffy nose.

“Cross out for @VentaneandoUno … Daniel Bisogno started the program with a hoarse voice … later he commented that the PCR test will hardly be done … now he wears a mask, but … they would have better removed it That close contact with @ChapoyPati @LinetPuente @mocastaneda and @pedrosola is not good idea”commented a user on Twitter.

“Daniel Bisogno appears on Television Ventaneando with symptoms of hoarseness and puts his colleagues at risk of contagion, and halfway through the program he put on a mask, before taking the antigen test. Face with a medical mask ”, highlights another comment on the social network.

So far, neither the production nor the program have given their position for the driver’s participation during this day’s broadcast.

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