Daniel Bisogno calls Mariana Ochoa from OV7 ungrateful for denying it

When to Daniel Bisogno 48 years old, they quickly disappoint him, he lets it be known not only to the public, but to the cameras, because the famous man has always shown his loyalty to those around him, but when they play crooked on him, he immediately takes it out as he did with Mariana Ochoa, 43.

It turns out that in a past interview a show program asked Mariana Ochoa for her past romance denying Daniel Bisogno with whom she dated in 2007, for which the host of Ventaneando called the OV7 member ungrateful, who is preparing a tour for the group’s 30 years.

“The worst thing that can exist in the world is to be ungrateful, that’s what you can’t do in life and that’s terrible, but well, if we were to get a list of the boyfriends she’s had and how they turned out, including the parents of their children,” said Daniel Bisogno very upset in the evening.

Currently, Daniel has been in a relationship with Jesús Castillo for some time and it is even said that he could see a wedding this year for said couple, since the communicator has already given him an engagement ring for a long time, but for the moment he has remained silent, Because she doesn’t talk much about her private life, her fans have also noticed that she looks great nowadays since she goes out with the boy.

Although the presenter did not want to go into details about the action committed by the Mexican singer, he assures that he would like to go to the concert of the tour that OV7 has for his 30 years, which was postponed several times since the pandemic began, but this year a great show is expected by the 7 members.

It is worth mentioning that each of the singers also had certain differences with others, reasons for which it was speculated if the tour was going to take place, because since the 90’s pop tour the gossip began between OV7 which gave a lot to talk about, because their years of friendship were fractured by differences.

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