Daniel Bisogno says that it is disrespectful to compare Belinda with Cazzu

A few days ago we made you known in AmericanPost.News that Belinda caused a furor in social networks by becoming the protagonist of the magazine’s cover BADMAN Skin and for which he said goodbye to his long brown hair to wear your hair uncombed a small shaggy cut in shades of pink.

And although his fans assure that it is a wig, you should know that this look has caused her to be compared to Cazzuthe Argentine singer who in recent months has been related to Christian Nodal, who until last February was Beli’s fiancé.

The interpreter of ‘El Sapito’ has been accused of copying the look of Christian Nodal’s new girlfriend. Today, Cazzu is considered a young promise of trap in Argentina and Latin America.

You may not know it but the native of Jujuy, Argentina usually experiments with daring styles and it was precisely in August of last year when she showed off completely shaved and with her hair dyed pink. This detail sparked comparisons between her and the interpreter of ‘El Sapito’, which overshadowed her appearance in the BADHOMBRE Skin magazine.

Daniel Bisogno defends Belinda and attacks Cazzu

The comparisons between Beli and Christian Nodal’s new girlfriend were not to the liking of Daniel Bisogno, who used his space on the TV Azteca program Ventaneando to flatter and defend her. However, the detail that caught our attention is that lashed out at Cazzu for no reasonwhich unleashed a wave of criticism against him.

“It is cheeky and disrespectful to compare Belinda with Cazzu… Many Internet users are saying that this image is where she is with her hair like cotton candy… Brincos gave Cazzu, with all due respect,” he said Daniel Bisogno to later say that the interpreter of ‘El Sapito’ looks divine with this look but that she did not like the wardrobe

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How famous Cazzu?

Today, Cazzu is considered a young promise of trap in Argentina and Latin America.

Cazzu He started his artistic career in 2017, begins to stand out thanks to his talent and has obtained one nomination in the Best New Artist category in the 2020 edition of the Latin Grammy. She in Mexico she is known for having an affair with the singer Christian Nodal.

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