Daniel Craig breaks the silence on how he feels saying goodbye to James Bond

No Time To Die marked the fifth and final film of Daniel Craig What James bond, a role he first played in 2006 and has catapulted him to world fame ever since.

The film hit theaters in October and received mostly positive reviews from both critics and audiences. For example in Rotten tomatoes It has a score of 84% from 389 reviews and an audience rating of 88% after 10,000 reviews.

In addition, as we reveal to you in AmericanPost.News No Time To Die broke an international box office pandemic record by dethroning F9 as the highest grossing film of the era of coronavirus.

Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond

Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond James Bond in the cinema

At the end of the film, Bond Craig sacrificed himself, becoming the first Bond in history to die. The actor recently appeared in No Time To Die: The Official James Bond Podcast and talked about the unexpected ending.

“There were many different ideas that came and went and some stayed. The main line of this is family [y] love, plus the fact that we had an ending, so it was about hanging the movie on that, “Craig explained.

Craig also described the ending of the film as “really very, very satisfying” after it was revealed that “No Time To Die” would be the longest film in the James Bond franchise.

Who will be the next James Bond?

James Bond in the movies

With the departure of Craig, rumors about who will be the next agent 007, it has even been rumored that Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” wants to be the next James Bond, whose list is added Tom holland Y Ryan reynolds.

As for the next James Bond, the production company Barbara broccoli shared that they are not currently conducting their search, but that the process will likely begin sometime in 2022 following the departure of Daneil Craig.

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