Daniel Craig is happy that “No time to die” was a hit in theaters: “This is where these films should be seen”

Daniel Craig.

Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

The actor Daniel Craig, who recently said goodbye to “James Bond” after 15 years playing the character, he feels very satisfied with the great reception that the last film of the saga had, “No time to die” in movie theaters around the world. Although the premiere of the film had to be delayed several times due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the Hollywood star is glad that, unlike others blockbusters, the film did not have to resort to a parallel -or immediately subsequent- release on the platforms of streaming to even out the effect of alleged adverse box office results.

Fortunately, the film is among the most watched movies of 2021 on the big screen, and Craig attributes part of this success to the fact that a 007 film is always an event that brings families and friends together in the right room. . “One of the best things that happened to us is that we were able to release the movie in theaters. This is where these movies should be seen. They don’t look as good on a cell phone screen: must be viewed on a screen of Imax“, He assured.

It is also a family event, it makes us go out with our loved ones. I believe that as long as there are film events of this type, the cinema will continue to have a chance to survive, “Craig predicted about an industry that has been badly affected both by the coronavirus health crisis, and by the proliferation of television services” on demand. ”.

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