Daniela Casas Addresses Rumors about Eduin Caz in Live Broadcast

Eduin Caz remains silent on his rumored affair as Daniela Casas prepares to confront the controversy in an anticipated live broadcast.

In the wake of a burgeoning scandal involving Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz, Daniela Casas, a model and influencer linked romantically to the singer, stepped into the spotlight on her Instagram. On Friday, Casas took to the platform to announce an impending live session aimed at confronting the rumors of an affair with Caz.

Casas, who also maintains a presence on Only Fans, stirred the pot by sharing a snapshot accompanied by a cryptic message, writing “La mexa que tiene a to’ el mundo loco,” (The commoner that has everyone going crazy) a lyric from Kenia OS’s “Ojo X Ojo”. This post, her first since the controversy erupted, hinted at her newfound notoriety stemming from the scandal.

Daniela Casas makes her first IG publication @__malportada
Daniela Casas makes her first IG publication @__malportada

Facing the Music

Further addressing her followers, Casas declared her intention to discuss the situation with Caz. She expressed being overwhelmed by the public exposure of her private discourse with the musician.

“Today we’ll see you live, I’ll do it earlier so they don’t hate me so much,” she posted, without delving into the specifics of her rumored relationship with the Grupo Firme star. Caz, for his part, has remained silent on the matter, focusing his attention on relief efforts for Hurricane Otis victims in Acapulco, Guerrero.

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The influencer will talk about Eduin Caz IG @__malportada
The influencer will talk about Eduin Caz IG @__malportada

The Spark of Controversy

The link between Casas and Caz became a subject of media speculation after TV Notas magazine published what it claimed to be a conversation between Caz and a trans girl, later identified as Casas.

The publication suggested that Caz had arranged a rendezvous with Casas in Tijuana or Mexico City. Reports also surfaced that the 29-year-old singer had indeed met with Casas, who is alleged to have described Caz to friends as “a great lover.”

In a landscape where people become public all too quickly, Daniela Casas’s forthcoming broadcast may just shed light on the nature of her association with Eduin Caz.