Daniela Darcourt to Jefferson Farfán: “Teacher, friend and crack … A pleasure to share with you”

The presentation of Daniela darcourt at the party for the 38th birthday of Paolo Guerrero has left many reactions. One of them is that of the forward of the Peruvian team Jefferson Farfan, who has filled the sauce boat with praise.

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The singer took a photo with the ‘Foquita’ in the private meeting of the ‘Predator’. Then, he did not hesitate to upload the image to his Instagram stories along with a dedicated message for him.

“Master, friend and crack … A pleasure to share with you, dear @jefferson_farfan_oficial. Blessings today and always ”the artist wrote.

Darcourt’s story was shared by the Alianza Lima gunner, who did not hesitate to return the praise to the singer.

“Friend, a pleasure to be able to listen to you live, the respect is mutual. Teacher”Farfán wrote.

These words open the speculation of a first media approach between Jefferson Farfán and Daniela Darcourt. This due to the rivalry that Darcourt and Yahaira Plasencia would have, who is the footballer’s ex-partner.


Paolo Guerrero He celebrated his 38th birthday with a tremendous party south of Lima. Daniela Darcourt was the star guest since he was in charge of entertaining the party with the best of his repertoire. The ‘Predator’ did not hesitate to praise her for her talent.

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Despite being under the influence of alcohol, Paolo Guerrero did not miss the opportunity to throw flowers at Daniela Darcourt, considering her the best exponent of Peruvian salsa.

“She is the best, there is no better than her. She is the best Peruvian representative of music ”, Paolo Guerrero said. The public agreed with him applauding and celebrating the presence of the sauce boat.


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