Daniela Navarro opens her heart to us and admits that she is going through hard times, facing everything she did and what they have said about her

Daniella Navarro – Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

Forty-eight hours have passed since the departure of Daniella Navarro from La Casa de Los Famosos, 48 hours, and the Venezuelan actress is facing the consequences of her time on the most successful reality show on Hispanic television: Applause. “Hate.” Love. Support. Claims. Dani is getting a little bit of everything.

Before we started the interview, we had problems because my equipment was not working and the actress, who can read lips, was explaining everything I was trying to say while my microphone wasn’t working. We managed to connect a couple of minutes later, and I saw her upset or uncomfortable at no time. Quite the opposite. It is valid to explain this because just as we have seen a brave, confrontational, and vulnerable Daniella Navarro. It is also important to say that she is a true professional who always has a smile, despite her tiredness, because 48 hours have passed, and she has not been able to sleep well.

We held this interview with a Daniella who looked beautiful today, with perfect makeup, but whose eyes were tired and dull. Daniella Navarro was sad today! According to what she told us, the reason for this sadness was due to the videos she had seen. “Videos that have broken my heart,” said the Venezuelan. We asked her about this content, and she told us it all had to do with what Laura Bozzo said about her. And the rest are of herself facing Ivonne Montero.

But the actress is not afraid of the consequences of her actions, nor does she hide from them. On the contrary, she very temperately says that she assumes them because she is not only an adult woman but also knows how to be. Beyond everything that can be said about any participant in this second season, we must remember that they only have what happens in front of their eyes. They do not have access to the rest of the cameras that give the public a total vision of what’s going on.

It is essential to add that the public, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of not being there, assuming what it feels like to be the protagonist of this social experiment, which brings out the best and the worst in everyone.

Who will Danilla Navarro keep, and who will she discard from her life?

Daniella Navarro has let us know that at the end of this reality show, there are undoubtedly people who will stay in her heart and whom she also intends to keep. These are Rafael Nieves, Julia Gama, Salvador Zerboni, Toni Costa, and Laura Bozzo. She assured me that Eduardo would also remain in his heart. He admitted that maybe to some of them, he might even have to apologize for what he might have done or say that he might have hurt them.

Dani told us that she would very much like to know more about Mayeli Alonso, whom he affectionately called “Mayi” and defined as a beautiful and charming woman.

About Nacho Casano, she said that he is also a person whom she would like to keep. Still, she is also aware that they live in different countries and is looking forward to seeing how long their romance can last or not, which she defends and affirms that it is and it was sincere.

But just as there are people he wants to be close to, there are people he doesn’t want to see again, and these are Niurka Marcos and Osvaldo Ríos. He assumes that many people may believe that Natalia Alcocer should be included in this list. However, Daniella says no. He also assumes he made mistakes with her and didn’t always behave well with “La Vikinga.”

Nacho Casano and Daniella Navarro from love to hate, with soap opera and everything?

Regardless of whether some believe or not in the relationship that does exist between Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano, their audience wants to see them together and also wants to enjoy them on the small screen.

Navarro and Casano’s fans want to continue enjoying this love story that emerged after weeks of a true rivalry. For this reason, they suggest to Telemundo that they put a story that encompasses these feelings of love and hate in a soap opera.

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When raising this possibility to the beautiful Venezuelan, she smiles happily. Between laughs, she assures us that this way, many will have no reason or opportunity to criticize her for kissing him.

There is no doubt that many critics may have the name Daniella Navarro as the protagonist. Still, we cannot deny that the Venezuelan contributed a lot of content to La Casa de Los Famosos. We are not only talking about the conflicts but also about those moments of healthy humor with which she conquered the viewing public. And with that courage that led her to defend tooth and nail who she loved or wanted, so much so that she faced the queen of controversies, nothing more and nothing less than Niurka Marcos. That day, Daniella Navarro became the favorite of many.