Daniella Chávez turns on Instagram by posing in a body-hugging dress

influencer model, Daniella Chavezshowed off the new acquisition she made to her wardrobe on her social networks, her followers greatly loved it and will probably earn her many more.

It is a black dress that fits the sensual figure of the Chilean content creator. This belongs to the fashion store Fashion Novaso the post was an incredible promotion for the brand.

This is the message that he added next to the publication that has added a large number of likes and admiring comments, both from other celebrities and from his admirers who did not hesitate to fill the publication with hearts:

“What time is it? @NovaMen & @FashionNova Dress!” the influencer wrote.

Daniella Chávez posing with the Fashion Nova dress. Comments to the publication of Daniella Chávez. Daniella Chavez is 32 years old.

Daniella Chávez becomes the Chilean Barbie

Comments to the publication of Daniella Chávez. Daniella Chavez is 32 years old.

Because of the beauty and shape of Daniella’s body, there was one comment that stands out from the others. This was made by the famous @gabrielagonzalezofficial who compares her to a Barbie. See more publications of the famous in AmericanPost.News.

This comparison seemed very successful, since her figure is just as curvaceous as that of a Barbie. In addition, her look was complemented by her long blonde hair that also contrasted very well with the black color of the tight Fashion Nova dress.

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How old is the model Daniella Chavez?

Daniella Chavez is 32 years old.

The successful Daniella Chavez is currently 32 years old. She was born in Las Condes, Chile, on October 25, 1989. Before being an influencer and creator of exclusive content on OnlyFans, she ventured as a model for men in the famous Playboy publication in 2014.

Later, in 2016, he would begin to venture into social networks where he already has a strong presence. On her Instagram account alone, she has a total of 16.6M followers.

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