Daniella Chávez walks in a silk robe from Paris

The beautiful Chilean model shared this nice video walking like a pro in a pretty pink silk gown from the city of Paris.

Undoubtedly Daniella Chávez is one of the favorite models of the moment. The Chilean model has not stopped surprising us with new publications on her official Instagram profile and has become an expert in pampering her Internet audience.

This time the beautiful Influencer was in Paris, debuting a beautiful outfit, a silk robe in pink which she was modeling while walking like a pro towards the balcony of the place where she was waiting, giving us a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

This is possibly one of the moments that her fans will never forget. Besides being able to observe her great beauty, we were able to see this beautiful place that allowed us to transport to this incredible city with such an iconic monument.

She quickly got tens of thousands of “likes,” and a lot of people gathered to admire the professional and attractive way in which she walked to show off her beauty in a nice outfit that worked perfectly to raise the temperature of those who did not take off their profile and that of course, appreciate this type of entertainment pieces.

In the comments, we can see that most of her followers would like to express their love and admiration, congratulating her for her great work and, above all taking a moment to express everything they feel for her, some very much in love and with the most striking messages to seek to stay with her attention.

You can tell that the content creator is very happy to be in that place. Not every day we can afford to cross the Atlantic Ocean and visit these places that undoubtedly are a very important part of humanity.

Daniella Chávez will continue to share with us a little more content through her stories, another very interesting section where we recommend you also take a little look because there you might find some more personal situations and messages that she directly wants to give to her audience.

Communicating with your audience is important, and brands are also interested in working with content creators who have direct and close communication with their followers, an opportunity to make themselves known in a better way and work together to generate numbers and, of course, revenue.

Keep following Dani in her adventures through her cell phone with us, in American Post News, we invite you to keep getting to know her and enjoy some of her other companions, the best news of the show.