Daniella Navarro apologizes to Ivonne Montero’s fans, they imitate the singer’s education and respond with respect: “Apologies not accepted”

Daniella Navarro.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

Daniella Navarro dedicated some harsh words to Ivonne Montero yesterday. From the set and connected to the television inside La Casa de los Famosos, the Venezuelan told him: “Your manipulation didn’t work for me, but it worked very well for you because you’re still in the game, so… To me you don’t deserve to be a winner.”

Words more, words less, Daniella Navarro attacked Ivonne Montero and this time she did it in a completely live program, which could be seen by all viewers who religiously follow the galas conducted by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gallego.

Ivonne was surprised by this new show of aggressiveness against her. She just smiled and dedicated words like: “Blessings”. While Navarro insisted on not believing him.

Later, Daniella Navarro made a Live via Instagram, where she apologized to Ivonne Montero’s fans. These, imitating Ivonne’s good manners, limited themselves to answering her with all respect: Apologies not accepted.

But in this part of the Live shared by ChismecitoChannel, Daniella Navarro received many other messages from Ivonne’s fans, who claim that until the last moment she has maintained a confrontational position against the Mexican actress, who has never wanted to get in her way, while she herself seems to always want to look for the opportunity to disdain her, and now not only within The House of the Famous, but also on a public and international level.

Thus the responses of the fans of Ivonne Montero, made Daniella Navarro: “Apologies not accepted! She keeps talking 💩 Just as she doesn’t believe in Ivonne, Ivonne’s fans don’t believe Daniella either. We saw 24/7 and how he talked about her and attacked her.” Then many others from “Payasa”, do not lower it.

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