Daniella Navarro poses with elegant dresses in a photo session: “She is definitely a diva”

Daniella Navarro posted on her Instagram account a video of a photoshoot in which she participated and in which she wore three different dresses, very elegant and that highlighted her figure.

The first outfit that the Venezuelan wore consisted of a black skirt, white flowers, and layers, accompanied by a shiny top. The second outfit was a black skirt dress, with part of the abdomen uncovered with glitter details covering some parts of her body. The third outfit consisted of a red dress that highlighted her curves as she posed from a blue sofa in an elegant indoor location with a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“I am happy and grateful to God for giving me, such special people. Thank you, Mexico and its people. I am happy with this session,” was part of what the Venezuelan and former participant of the second season of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’ wrote, from which she came out as the fifth finalist.

Her public was felt in the comments of this publication, saying lots of words of love and support. “Undoubtedly a diva”, “She is beautiful, and triumphing, and the others are suffering”, “God bless the people around you, my dear Daniella, you deserve all the best in this world”, “Dani, you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out, may God take care of you and bless you always” and “I love those outfits” are part of the messages left to the Venezuelan after this photo shoot.

A few days ago, Navarro, who is fully enjoying her romance with Nacho Casano, dedicated a few words to her boyfriend, with whom love was born unexpectedly a few days after the end of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’. “For months, we did our best to hate each other, but we ended up falling in love. Love is magic, he 馃挧 me fire, he馃敟 me water 馃挧 and so… We keep adding up, Mr. @nachocasano,” she said while showing off a photo shoot they did together.