Daniella Navarro shakes The House of Famous 2 by confessing that her grandfather abused her

Many of the contestants The House of the Famous 2 have passed several tests within the reality show Telemundo. One of them is the curve of life where the participants recount their happiest moments, as well as the hardest ones. The Venezuelan Daniella Navarro has surprised everyone by confessing that as a girl her own grandfather abused her and his sister repeatedly over the years.

Of course, it is not easy to tell something so hard and private. Even so, the great rival of Niurka Marcos he opened his heart to the public. “… Comes one of the worst stages of my life was being abused by my grandfather and not being able to say anything because I already felt that I was responsible for my mom having a broken heart… And I didn’t want to break her heart by telling her that her father abused us… And I continued to keep anger in my heart … But my mom gave me what was my best friend today, which is my brother Carlos Daniel and I decided not to break the happiness that this had brought to my family … And I decided to keep it to myself until my 25 years”, he confessed in the midst of tears and with a broken voice Venezuelan Daniella Navarro during one of the tests of LHome of the Famous 2.

All the complete intervention of Daniella Navarro.

Daniella Navarro was about to be eliminated days ago, where she was expelled Niurka Marcos. Same that has generated all kinds of controversy since he left The House of the Famous 2. First, she did not attend the challenge that touched everyone. This in part caused her removal. She then publicly pointed out executives Telemundo of having manipulated its content making it look bad.

Even so, Niurka Marcos later attended the gala The House of the Famous 2 and seems to have retracted what he said. Everything indicates that the Cuban vedette returned to the project with Telemundo. In social networks, there is a rumor that the television network could establish a legal fine of $100,000 dollars for not having fully complied with the contract that she had.

While, Daniella Navarro There are hundreds of messages on social networks showing solidarity with the terrible abuse she suffered when she was a child by her paternal grandfather.

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