“Daniella Navarro’s kisses from Nacho Casano were expensive”, says the audience of LCDLF2

Daniella Navarro.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

Daniella Navarro has been the last eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 2. The public on social networks, both from the program and on our Facebook fan page -El Diario de Nueva York- has celebrated the elimination of the Venezuelan actress, who during the first weeks of the reality show started as the true favorite.

Many events happened inside The House of the Famous that made Daniella lose favor with the public. The last straw, for many, was her relationship with Nacho Casano, the trigger. Very few believe in this romance! Many argue that both she and Nacho had a relationship with the public, with the sole intention of staying together until the final.

The elimination of Laura Bozzo allowed Nacho and Daniella to possibly believe that the fans were on their side. But no, at the end of the day many say that all this played against him. Especially since Laura’s departure did not seem to affect her, even though she herself claims to love her honestly.

The fall of Daniella Navarro

The public fell in love with Daniella Navarro because she knew how to stand up to Niurka Marcos. Because she was not afraid of her fame or her personality. The public was delighted how Daniella Navarro became a lioness to defend Laura Bozzo, whom she treated with real care and love for the first few months. The public believed in the words of Daniella Navarro when she said she was not perfect, but assured that she sought to take care of everything that her daughter could see of her.

But all that changed and it was not overnight, the process was gradual. The public began to lose “engagement” with the Venezuelan due to a series of circumstances that made her the only villain of the Telemundo reality show.

The fans began to see how the words of Osvaldo Ríos took shape. The Puerto Rican, upon leaving La Casa de los Famoso, assured that Daniella Navarro seemed to have no positive words about any member of the house. And accompanied by this, the fans could see that there was no day in which she did not speak ill of Ivonne Montero.

Daniella always said that she did not seek to lead by example, however, fans of Ivonne Montero, Salvador Zerboni and the reality show itself, claimed that excusing herself in this way made her look very bad, because they seemed like simple excuses to cover up the fact of leading a wave of hatred against the Mexican actress.

Daniella Navarro starred in the worst acts of violence inside the house. The 24/7 audience witnessed how many of these were planned. She announced hours or days before that she would soon explode against Ivonne Montero or Salvador Zerboni. She always announced a possible confrontation against Nacho Casano, which she never carried out. The fans, after many of these conflicts, began to say: “Daniella Navarro has disappointed me”, “Daniella has to leave”, “Dani has fallen from the pedestal”.

Content equal violence

Within La Casa de los Famosos, words such as content and consistency were used by many as synonyms for violence. Daily conversations were heard between Daniella Navarro, Nacho Casano, Salvador Zerboni, Laura Bozzo, Natalia Alcocer, Niurka Marcos and Juan Vidal in which they affirmed that they did make content.

Daniella Navarro and Laura Bozzo took over this word, content, to tell the public that they did make content. And a good part of the public began to defend this argument. Content, then, at least on their part was: attacking, insulting, undermining, yelling and humiliating. All this was opposed by the fans of Ivonne Montero and Salvador Zerboni, who were the true victims of Laura and Daniella.

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