Danilo Carrera confirms final break with Michelle Renaud

During his time on the blue carpet of the Men of the Year, the Ecuadorian, Danilo Carrera, toHe assured that he is single, but that there was not much to say about it, he even said that Michelle Renaud gave everything in the relationship, and spoke about the alleged infidelity.

“It’s easier to finish when there are differences. There were only differences. There was no infidelity neither on your part nor on my part, that I do tell you ”, Carrera expressed.

Danilo expressed that his ex-partner can go out with whoever he wants, since she is single, just like him, since their situation had ended simply because of the differences that exist between them. He even said that he did not know Matías Novoa, until he was introduced to him during the event.

“I don’t know who Matías Novoa is. Ah, the one from the movie. Look, I think when you’re single you can go out with whoever you want and I can’t deny it or confirm it, really “.

For his part, Novoa denied having any romantic bond with Michelle Renaud a few days after announcing the end of his two-year marriage to Isabella Castillo.

“No, no, what happens is that we made a movie together, then people started talking about things, and we just finished filming, but nothing really happens”.

Constant stretch and loosen

Both have starred in episodes in which they reconcile in full view of everyone, but then something happens and they separate again, so it is not at all complicated that this time the same thing happens, however, this time it shows that they have not been able to overcome their differences and it seems that this time it is serious.

Just in January of this year, Renaud and Carrera announced their separation, at that time the young woman pointed out that the reason for not continuing with their courtshipIt would have been Carrera’s refusal to become a father, unlike the girl who wishes to conceive another baby to accompany her son Marcelo.

Now it was through a message on her Instagram account, with which the Televisa actress announced her singleness for a year, building dreams ‘alone’, which in theory would mean that both actors have been separated for some time.

“If you are fantasizing about love, you are still single deep inside your heart, no matter what your current relationship is”, Michelle closes in her message that was shared on her Instagram account.

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