Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova’s Madrid meeting fuels speculation

Controversial photos emerge of Denmark's Crown Prince and Mexican actress in Madrid, coinciding with a Danish-Spanish state visit.

During his recent visit to Madrid, Genoveva Casanova, a 47-year-old Mexican actress and aristocrat, has been photographed spending an evening with Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, 55. The images, published in the Spanish magazine Lecturas, show the heir to the Danish throne and Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex-wife walking together in the Retiro Park before going for dinner and allegedly spending the night at Casanova’s Madrid apartment.

The controversial photos have sparked speculation about the nature of Casanova and Crown Prince Frederik’s relationship, coming at a sensitive time with King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain currently on a state visit to Denmark. Both Casanova and the Danish Royal House have issued statements in response to the media frenzy.

Background on Genoveva Casanova

Genoveva Casanova, 47, is a well-known personality in the Spanish entertainment industry, having forged a career there despite her Mexican origins. She has appeared in major films like Milos Forman’s The Ghosts of Goya (2008), starring alongside Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman.

Casanova has also made multiple appearances on popular Spanish TV game shows like MasterChef Celebrity, published literary and art texts, and collaborated with various charities. She was previously married to Spanish aristocrat Cayetano Martínez de Irujo from 2005 to 2007 and has been romantically linked with other high-profile men like pop star Luis Miguel.

The actress is active on Instagram with over 66,000 followers and often shares glimpses into her jet-setting lifestyle, love of dogs, cooking, fitness, and passions for travel and photography. She’s been photographed in destinations like Copenhagen, Denmark, in recent months.

Crown Prince Frederik’s Bachelor Reputation

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Frederik has earned a reputation as somewhat of a “playboy prince” over the years, with a history of dating models, socialites, and singers before settling down.

The 55-year-old Danish royal was known as the “Prince Turbo” in his youth after a drunk driving incident in 1992. He continued living as a bachelor into his 30s, much to the chagrin of his mother, Queen Margrethe II.

Frederik met his future wife, Mary Donaldson, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and the couple married in 2004. They now have four children together – Prince Christian, 16, and Princess Isabella, 15, as well as 11-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

However, even after starting a family, Crown Prince Frederik has still been the subject of tabloid rumors about infidelity. There was speculation of marital troubles in 2017 when a Danish magazine claimed he cheated on Princess Mary and paid hush money.

Cover of the magazine 'Lecturas'.
Cover of the magazine ‘Lecturas’.

Details of the Madrid Rendevouz

According to the Lecturas report, Crown Prince Frederik and Genoveva Casanova were able to go mostly unnoticed during their evening out in Madrid last month.

At around 7 pm on October 25, the pair were spotted leaving El Retiro Park accompanied by two bodyguards who kept their distance. Casanova wore an elegant coat over her shoulders as she strolled and chatted with the prince.

They went back to Casanova’s home in the Jerónimos neighborhood for approximately two hours before emerging dressed in new outfits. The duo then headed to a flamenco show at the restaurant El Corral de la Morería around 9 p.m.

Crown Prince Frederik and Casanova watched the show from a private curtained booth and dined together until after midnight. Security guards sat nearby.

The pair returned to Casanova’s home in the early hours of October 26. They entered together just after 1 a.m. The following morning at 8:30 am, Crown Prince Frederik was photographed leaving solo with a suitcase in hand.

Responses to the Controversy

The Danish Royal House has declined to comment in detail on Crown Prince Frederik’s rendezvous with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid.

“We maintain a long-standing policy of not commenting on or confirming any details related to private matters,” their statement read. “Furthermore, we would like to emphasize our commitment to respect the privacy of members of the Royal Family, including the Crown Prince.”

Meanwhile, Casanova has firmly denied any romantic connection to the Danish royal. “I categorically deny the claims that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederik and me,” she told Spanish magazine ¡Hola!

Casanova went on to say that the implications of an affair are “not only completely untrue but also misrepresent the facts in a malicious way.” She said she has turned the matter over to her legal team.

Interestingly, Casanova also recently shared on Instagram that she visited Copenhagen, Denmark, in early October with one of her sons. She toured the National Museum to see items donated by her great-grandfather.

The Mexican actress stated that Crown Prince Frederik was not in Copenhagen during her trip there, further dismissing rumors of a tryst.

The statement shared by Genoveva Casanova on her social networks (Instagram).
The statement shared by Genoveva Casanova on her social networks (Instagram).

Awkward Timing for the Danish Royals

The release of these controversial photos comes at a delicate time for the Danish Royal Family, who are currently hosting King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain on a state visit.

On Tuesday evening, just as the Casanova story was breaking, Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary attended a dinner in Copenhagen with Felipe, Letizia, and Queen Margrethe II. Both appeared tense and uneasy, according to reports.

The following morning, the group was together again for an architecture event in the city. Princess Mary stood apart from her husband and was described as looking serious and perturbed by the situation.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia are trying to focus on their diplomatic duties in Denmark, but the scandal has somewhat overshadowed their state trip and added an awkward dynamic.

There is now intense international media interest in the relationship between Crown Prince Frederik and Genoveva Casanova. The revelations could spell trouble for Frederik’s marriage to Princess Mary and damage the Danish monarchy at a sensitive time of transition.

Frederick of Denmark with his wife, Princess Mary, in one of his last pictures (Reuters).
Frederick of Denmark with his wife, Princess Mary, in one of his last pictures (Reuters).


In summary, the release of photos showing Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark spending an evening and allegedly an intimate night with Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova in Madrid has caused a media storm.

While both Casanova and the Danish Royal House insist there is no romantic relationship, the images will likely fuel ongoing speculation about Frederik’s fidelity to his wife, Princess Mary.

The scandal erupting during the Spanish state visit to Denmark has also put the Danish royals in an uncomfortable position as they host King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

It remains to be seen if additional details about the controversial rendezvous will emerge. But the revelations have already cast Crown Prince Frederik’s character in a questionable light at a time when the Danish monarchy can ill afford more controversy.

The situation presents a public relations crisis for Denmark’s future monarch. Frederik’s reputation as a former playboy prince may make the rumors hard to shake, putting stress on his marriage and the integrity of the royal family.