Danna Paola and Moderatto will release a cover of RBD: “Just Stay Silent” was the chosen classic

The singers will release a cover of RBD (Photos: Instagram/@moderattomx/@dannapaola)

moderate continues with its musical return after a time of pandemic by COVID-19 and its project of making new versions of the best songs of RBD It is not only a reality, but they will have their third official single and this time it will be alongside Danna Paola.

Although some fans of rock-pop music saw the idea as impossible, Marcello Lara, Iñaki Vázquez, Elohim Corona and their vocalist and pianist Jay of the Cave they bring back one of the first classics of the Mexican band that would give them national fame in 2004 -album Rebel-: Just stay quiet.

“ARMY, the time has come to introduce you to our next collaboration, it’s an honor to be able to rock with @dannapaola in Just stay quiet one of the legendary @rbd_musica. coming soon : 03/07/2022 #SoloQuedateEnSilencio #ModerattoDannaPaola #RBDx100pre #moderattorbd”, the band wrote on their official Twitter account. Instagram where the pop singer commented “Yaaaaas Leggoooo [sic]”.

Official single cover (Photo: Instagram/@moderattomx)
Official single cover (Photo: Instagram/@moderattomx)

In the short video presented by Moderatto you can see the official cover of the single, which continues with a caricature aesthetic, where the actress is also shown posing with a tattoo that turns out to be the broken ones of the members of the band. The background melody is the first preview of how the new cover will be heard, although to the surprise of many who expected Danna Paola to be the one to interpret the verses of Mia Coluccithe surprise is that Jay de la Cueva got the honor.

For her part, on the same social network, the soap opera actress like Dare to dream, Amy, the girl with the blue backpack or Hurrah for the children! wrote “In other news, something very is coming top, they are ready?”. In your official account Twitter He first published “I have a surprise for you” and his more than 6 million followers quickly made him a trend, so fans of the protagonists of Rebel (2004) celebrated that on this occasion a singer was chosen who has shown to be an admirer of the band and its members.

The concert will be next March 9 (Photo: Instagram/@moderatto)
The concert will be next March 9 (Photo: Instagram/@moderatto)

“Danna Paola was the one for that cover to exist”, “Although I didn’t like what they did with the other song, the truth is that Danna always sings Just stay quiet”, “I sensed it because a long time ago he was asked something about it and he said that in some near future it would happen and now it is real”, “This really is a union between pop and rock, because that was supposed to be the idea of the band”, “Although I am not a fan of covering songs that are practically untouchable, this song caught my attention”, wrote followers of the singer in Twitter.

To the surprise of many fans, new news was added to the future collaboration: the actress from Elite will be present at the Moderatto concert in Mexico City. “Damn Sinners, it is confirmed. This March 9th we are going to rock Just stay quiet of the legendary @rbd_musica together with @dannapaola in the incredible @auditoriomx Are you ready?!”, wrote the band on the poster of the presentation where the legend “and more to be confirmed” have made pop lovers think that the interpreter of Save me will also be.

This was the background chosen for the new version of Nuestro Amor (Photo: YouTube/Moderatto)
This was the background chosen for the new version of “Our Love” (Photo: YouTube/Moderatto)

Anahí and Moderatto presented in December 2021 the start of the project RBDX100prewith the cover of Our lovewhich not only marked her return as a solo artist, but also a new music video after years, although it was not to the public’s taste since it had to be recorded on a green screen, since according to the rock band, the pop performer had requested to record his parts alone because “he wanted to protect Manuel and Emiliano -his children- from a possible contagion”

In recent days Danna Paola has been heavily criticized on social networks after attending the Milan Fashion Week in Italy, for having used garments with a high purchasing value.


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