Danna Paola breaks down in tears after the Latin Grammys; this was what happened

The triumphant race of Danna Paola advances towards the top, because despite the fact that it has been in the middle of the show for many years, it has recently gained greater strength, an example of this is its nomination to the Latin Grammys 2021, where she surprised with an eccentric dress. However, the singer uploaded a video to her networks where she breaks down in tears after a concert.

Several years ago, the Mexican artist chose to turn her career around, since after making an enormous performance in the Netflix series “Elite”, where she played Lucrecia Montesinos, she chose to put her work as an actress on hold and Focus fully on her profession as a singer, which alternated with her roles in television, theater and film.

Her great work has paid off, since this year the singer has been nominated for the Latin Grammy for the first time for her album KO, she also managed to perform on stage, where she did a performance of the song ‘Cállate tú’. As if that were not enough, Danna Paola wore a great body on the carpet at the Latin Grammy 2021.

Danna Paola cries after the Latin Grammys

Through her account on Instagram, Danna Paola uploaded photos and videos of the moments before and after going on stage at the Academy Awards. In the images, he is seen wearing his purple suit, however, what caught the attention of the fans were the video clips where he appears crying.

Danna Paola, with “post Grammys depression”

During a TikTok live, the former protagonist of “Dare to dream” revealed that she went through a feeling of “post-Grammys depression”, although she clarified that it was not because of losing the nomination against Camilo, but because of the mixed feelings she experienced in the presentation, as well as the surprise of having been nominated.

Danna Paola She narrated that for her the performance she did was very significant because everything she experienced this year, her first nomination and the message she wanted to convey, since she stated that she hopes that with this presentation and with the song ‘Shut up you’ many women Choose to empower yourself and break free.

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