Danna Paola captures sighs with latex boots and sexy outfit in her new video clip

At 27, the actress and singer Danna Paola looks completely different to the innocent girl who broke into Mexican television as a guest of the Plaza Sésamo program in 1999.

Now, her personality tries to resemble the great American divas that monopolize the covers of magazines and spaces dedicated to entertainment.

And proof of this is the most recent look that he adopted during the launch of his new musical hit through social media, where literally, After a few months of inactivity, she surprised her fans with the tiny and sexy outfit she was wearing.

Danna Paola wore an outlandish outfit that leaves little to the imagination and also makes her look like a fashion expert.

A sensual strappy dress accompanied by maxi latex boots paralyzed her more than 34.6 million fans who are waiting for what the actress and model shares with them on Instagram.

In a short video where you can see Danna performing a sensual dance with just a few strips covering the most noble parts of her body, whose creation corresponds to the designer of Angela Reyna, they are an invitation to discover the content of her most recent musical production.

However, this is just a taste of the radical change of image that the Mexican artist has decided to adopt in what seems to be a relaunch of her career.

And as if this were not enough, Danna Paola announced that she is preparing four concerts in Mexico as part of her TOUR XT4S1S, which will start on November 11 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Unlike other artists of her generation, the added value of this Mexican is that through acting she has also managed to make her way in countries as far away as Spain, where her fans will presumably be surprised to see her radical change of look that recently meant being Recognized as “Celebrity Crush” at the 2022 MTV Miaws.

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