Danna Paola, how are the jeans that you put on trend?

Danna Paola is one of the stars of the entertainment world who recently has made the trend of jeans without closure and that is why now he teaches you how to wear them with a low-waisted style.

It seems that the fashion of the 2000s returned with new updates and clothing styles: that is why Danna Paola, as she has already made clear, is one of the celebrities who best know how to wear retro trends and gives us the example with jeans without closure.

Although they are a garment loved by many, and feared by others, low-waisted jeans are one of the models that have managed to adapt over the years and the interpreter of “Cachito”, Danna Paola brings them back with an unexpected change: just a gather to fasten them.

Danna Paola and jeans without closure

Danna Paola and the jeans without closure Cumple de Danna Paola

The famous Danna Paola grew up influenced by the yk2 style, we warn you that the return of pants to the waist is a direct blow to the nostalgia of the fashion of that time. For this reason, at De Última we give you the reasons to have jeans without closures in your wardrobe.

That is why this is the sign you needed to experiment with your most risky looks and the good news is that they are back with a modern touch to make them more comfortable and safe to wear.

If we remember, in the early 2000s, low-waisted jeans were a model that celebrities modeled in a “skinny” style, that is, fitted to the body. However, over the years the high waist, mom, boyfriend or straight have gained strength and are currently one of the favorites.

Given this, the talented Danna Paola imposed her wide-leg, open-leg jeans, but with an unexpected V-shaped waist cut. Unlike traditional denim pants, which have a straight waist cut, the ones that protagonist of Elite took out of his closet revealing the area of ​​​​the lower abdomen.

Danna Paola’s jeans instead of the closure, had a gathered detail on the front to adjust the garment. This model will be flattering and you can forget about battling with broken zippers or buttons that fall off. In the long run, you’ll look fabulous without spending money on repairs.

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Danna Paola’s birthday

Danna Paola’s birthday

Not long ago, Danna Paola found no better way to celebrate her birthday than with an outfit worthy of one of the spoiled youthful fashionistas. Through her Instagram account, where she accumulates 34.4 million “Dreamers”, she shared a bit of the celebration.

The singer and actress took the opportunity to express to her followers that this new year of life received a different energy. And as they say out there “how you look, you feel”, Danna Paola said she is fuller than ever and proud of the woman she has become.

It should be noted that the beautiful Danna Paola, in addition to achieving success in the television and music industry, has taken firm steps in the world of fashion. Just this year she debuted as the first Mexican ambassador for the Fendi firm and she collaborated with the Puma brand to launch the “Mayze” tennis model in Mexico.

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