Danna Paola lives a romantic walk with Alex Hoyer at Disneyland

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer have not stopped giving what to talk about and to share with their millions of fans how much fun they have been having together and now they have given romantic postcards since their visit to Disneyland.

It seems that Danna Paola is not only the muse of Alex Hoyer, but that she is already they share until the confinements by Covid-19 and important family events; as was the Disneyland.

It should be noted that it is very common to see marriage proposals at Disneyland and it seems that it could be a goal of Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer when they decide to go this way.

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer at Disneyland

Post by Alex Hoyer Post by Danna Paola Danna Paola celebrating her nephew

On this occasion, Danna Paola, 27 years old, who has been with Alex Hoyer for a few months, the young singer who participated in La Voz with whom she had previously been linked, enjoys a romantic courtship.

Apparently the confinement they had after being -both- victims of the fifth wave of Covid-19, worked for them to strengthen their courtship, because in a romantic way, Alex Hoyer, who is 24 years old, shared an image of Danna Paola turning their backs, and in the background Cinderella’s castle, because they are in Disneyland.

Although it is not possible to see her face, it is enough to see her stories to know that it is the singer, who did the same by showing Alex Hoyer. After her, Danna Paola shared the photo -with the same angle- where Alex Hoyer takes her by the hand, but now she looks more than smiling.

Publication of Danna Paola Danna Paola celebrating her nephew

“More than happy”, was what she put in her post, and immediately Alex Hoyer commented with “I am the luckiest”. In addition to these romantic moments and statements, Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer shared a stained glass window of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, will it mean something special for both of them?

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What do the singers do at Disneyland?

Danna Paola celebrating her nephew

Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer went to Disneyland not as a romantic moment, because there was a great reason why they took the weekend, because the couple already spends great moments with their family and their visit to Disneyland proved it; The experience was with the aim of celebrating Iker, Danna Paola’s nephew.

It turns out that the singer of “Agüita” shared a video, where Iker says “it’s my birthday”, later confirmed that Disneyland for his nephew’s 5th birthday. Everything seems to indicate that Danna Paola has achieved a balance in her life, in which Alex Hoyer lives perfectly with his family.

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