Danna Paola looks radiant and spectacular look for CMDX Pride 2022

Very much in her style, the always beautiful Danna Paola shows off her spectacular look for the CDMX Pride 2022an event where she will be crowned and adorn her route.

The interpreter of multiple hits has always shown herself to be a great ally of the LGBT Community, who have clothed her as a true representative.

Danna, who has just celebrated her 27th birthday, will entertain the event and will be decorated as one of the most important stars of the group in this edition, AmericanPost.News tells you in detail.

This is what Danna Paola looks like for the LGBT march in CDMX

This is what Danna Paola looks like for the LGBT march in CDMX Artists who will be at the CDMX Pride

The great Danna will be as a special guest for the LGBT March 2022 in Mexico Cityevent where TikTok will upload it to its allegorical cart.

In the company of the influencer and creator of ‘Chismillenial’, Paul Chagrathe interpreter of “Aguita” was seen with a spectacular look.

The new birthday girl wears a set in pink with glitter details that highlight the color of your skin, at the same time that they give you that sweet touch that characterizes you so much.

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Artists who will be in the CDMX Pride

Artists who will be in the CDMX Pride

A great dignified poster to celebrate pride in the Mexico City LGBT Marchwhich takes place this Saturday June 25 in its main streets.

Artists such as Paty Cantú, Esteman, Samo, Ruzzi, Mabiland, Christian Chávez, Leon Leiden, La Más Draga, John Cameron Mitchel & Friends, Jannette Chao, Flor Amargo, Cecille, Dany Calvario, Emma, ​​Nick Bolt participate in this concert. , Andy Zuno, Gia Gunn, Romi Marcos, Ariel y su Venadito Son, May Queen, Joaquín Bondoni and Mariachi Arcoíris, among others.

The CDMX Pride 2022 It will have strategic points in very important areas of the city, so you will have to be very attentive to the recommendations of the authorities and the relevant organizers.

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