Danna Paola meets with Moderatto to pay tribute to RBD

Mexico.- Danna Paola and Moderatto get together to make the pair perfect within Mexican music. The soloist and the group announced through their social networks that they will be working together to pay tribute to RBDone of the most important bands in the country and that became an icon for several generations.

Through their official social networks, both celebrities announced that they worked together for a new version of the song ‘Just stay quiet‘, which will be arriving next Monday, March 07 on all digital platforms and has caused great emotion among its fans and RBD fans.

Danna Paola meets with Moderatto to pay tribute to RBD

Moderatto continues with its plans to release an album in tribute to RBD revealing some of the singles that have been reversioned with important artists and extremely new rhythms, without neglecting the essence of each song and the rhythm that characterizes the pop-rock group.

Danna Paola she is not the only one who has worked with moderate For her new album, Anahí also had the opportunity to revive one of her greatest hits alongside the group. The new version of ‘Our love‘ was released on February 14 with a new, unreleased video. Also, a new version of ‘be or seem‘ of the group with Nicole Fravre and Aczino, on February 23.

And the third single will be ‘Just stay quiet‘ with Danna Paola, scheduled to premiere on March 7. It is still unknown if a new music video will arrive with the premiere of the single, since none of those involved have spoken about it.

On the other hand, Moderatto has announced that Danna Paola will join her tour at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on March 9, where they will probably be seen together again on stage. Aczino and Nicole Favre will also be guests, while Levenson will be the opening act.

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