Danna Paola moves with her presentation at the Latin Grammy in defense of attacked women

Danna Paola.

Photo: Danna Paola / Courtesy

Danna Paola moves with her presentation at the Latin Grammy in defense of attacked women… Because she lived it firsthand, because she decided to heal and write an album, ‘KO’, and she was just nominated by the academy for the same. So it was the opportune moment to debut on the stage of the greatest music award with his message. ‘Shut up’.

Since she was invited to sing at the most important music awards, Danna Paola assured that, in addition to being happy for this moment that she waited for so long in her career, she wanted to give a message. As we know, and as he has told us exclusively, his album ‘K.O’ is the most experiential of his career, and with which he was able to heal all his wounds.

Also the one who has turned her into a strong activist and defender of women, and of non-gender violence of any kind: neither physical, nor spiritual, nor psychological. That’s why his show ended at the cry of “Not One More”.

“I do not allow disrespect of any minimum, and denigrate myself as a woman never and that is something that, thank God, I have been able to eliminate from my life, all those people who underestimate my intelligence or who underestimate me as a woman, etc, and thank God, really, I am surrounded by wonderful people who value me, who respect me, because I do the same, that is, I think that just as give the same thing, it has to be reciprocal “, he told us Danna Paola a few months ago exclusively.

Something that he made very clear in his presentation this Thursday on the Latin Grammy stage, when she performed ‘Calla Tú’ surrounded by dancers, where he mixed the singer with the actress by making a dramatic interpretation of what the lyrics say.

Although he did not win the Latin Grammy, as he also told us in an interview, being nominated for her truest album makes her a winner.

KO was a great catharsis for me, continuing to bring fruit to this great piece is a great honor, a huge pride, and also to be nominated alongside great friends and colleagues, who I love very much and respect. I believe that Today I feel like a winner just for being there, and to fulfill one of my dreams ”, he told us and he fulfilled.



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