Danna Paola receives emotional congratulations from Alex Hoyer on her birthday

Danna Paola celebrate their 27 years with thousands of signs of affection to his name, however one of the special congratulations came from Alex Hoyerher boyfriend.

For the celebration of his birthday He has received compliments and congratulations not only from his fans, but also from dozens of colleagues and close friends.

Alex Hoyer, Danna’s boyfriend could not be left behind, because in his own way he dedicated an emotional message that, we are sure, moved the popular singer’s heart.

Alex Hoyer dedicates emotional words to Danna for her birthday

Alex Hoyer dedicates emotional words to Danna for her birthday. How old is Danna Paola?

The most emotional and sweet words he chose Alex Hoyer to congratulate Danna, whom he describes as the great love of his life.

“To my favorite person in this world… Happy birthday! You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in this life, I wish you everything that makes you happy in this world, you are a being to admire in every way… Keep shining. I love you,” she wrote.

As expected, Internet users melted with Hoyer’s message, who day by day shows how much he loves danna and how happy they are since they confirmed their relationship.

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How old is Danna Paola?

How old is Danna Paola?

As previously indicated in AmericanPost.Newsthe singer turns 27 this June 23, surrounded by love, success and the affection of her followers.

At a very young age, he began his career on Mexican television with his iconic soap operas, which have marked an entire generation.

Danna Paola has also made its way into music, with songs like “Bad Fame”, “Hey Pablo”, “Sodium”, “Aguita” Y “I don’t dance alone”.

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