Danna Paola receives tremendous kisses from her supposed boyfriend and another gallant at the same time

Singer Danna Paola He caused a tremendous stir after he shared a photo on his social networks, where he looks very happy receiving tremendous kisses from two boys at the same time.

It has been through her Instagram stories where the interpreter of “Hey pablo”Shared a shocking photograph where he is seen with his rumored boyfriend Alex Hoyer and the singer Saak with whom he collaborated on his last album “KO”.

She can be seen standing between the two gallants with a huge and flirtatious smile, while the pair of young people plant tremendous kisses on her cheeks at the same time, which has caused madness among her fans and speculations return about whether she and Hoyer they maintain a relationship of more than friends.

Danna Paola is attending different events prior to the ceremony of the Latin Grammy Awards 2021 that will take place from Las Vegas, Nevada and where for the first time it is nominated in the category “Best Pop Vocal Album”And will take the stage with a great musical number.

The actress of series like “Elite” from Netflix For several months she has maintained a special relationship with 23-year-old singer Alex Hoyer, so this image has turned upside down among her followers who want to see the famous woman happy and enjoying a beautiful romance.

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