Danna Paola shows off her completely blonde hair on the beach

Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola has become a model of trends, and is that the harvest of his musical successes with singles such as “Oye pablo” and “El beso”, with which he adds several million reproductions on all streaming platforms, they put it on a privileged place, however, music is not everything for the CDMX-born, as it is also a fashion icon and her latest Instagram post proves it.

Danna shared a photograph where she is posing as on the seashore with a two-piece swimsuit of different shades of blue, which she chose to combine with a scarf of the same shades on her head, an outfit that she accompanied with very subtle but that makes it look spectacular, since it has blue tones on the eyelids and a subtle red on the lips.

All her followers did not hesitate to highlight how beautiful she looked wearing this bikini, so they immediately filled the comment box with compliments and compliments, among the most popular messages were, “Beautiful”, “Divine”, “What a life, what beautifull”.

Danna Paola She is one of the most beloved artists in the show business, that is why when she has a problem she causes great commotion among her followers; The Elite actress confessed on her Twitter account that she is going through a bad time, as she revealed that her Yorkie dog named Lucrecia was very ill: “We had to bring Lucrecia to the hospital and I am very worried”, announced the interpreter of ‘Bad Fame’ yesterday, who also asked her followers for prayers for her pet.

But a few days later he announced that his dog is already much better and that he will soon return home. With an emotional message, the singer informed her followers that “happiness returned” after learning that Lucrecia is out of danger, but still needs a lot of care.


Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, better known as Gloria Trevi, is a Mexican singer and songwriter, who is already getting ready for her bioseries to come to light after the turbulent life she has led, and for this reason I started the speculation that Danna will be part of this project.

According to an interview for the magazine TVyNovelas, the Mexican production company has already started the project, but so far it has not yet had a protagonist. However, he pointed out that he would like celebrities such as Danna Paola or Aracely Arámbula.

On the other hand, Estrada assured that he would like the person who plays the singer of “Dr. psychiatrist ”is not necessarily someone recognized or famous, as they would also love it to be a person from the general public, a new talent.

In fact, the production company revealed that it plans to do a massive casting, as it explained that Gloria Trevi rose to stardom as an ordinary girl, so looking for a new talent is a great option.