Danna Paola: “Today I take things with much more courage”

Still celebrating his first Latin Grammy nomination in the category ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ for ‘KO’, Danna Paola She is exclusively sincere, talks about her changes, about purifying from her life everything that has done her wrong, accepting vulnerability as a state of strength and recognizing that: “Today I take things with much more courage”.

From Mexico, in a space of her home, she receives us via zoom to confess and give a clear message to her audience, to the Academy of the Grammys, and to those who hurt her with a sharp: “I do not allow disrespect of any minimum, and denigrate myself as a woman never”.

-Your first Latin Grammy nomination, for your most healing album of your entire career, how do you live it?

Danna Paola: You know how important and how special the creation of this album was for me… This nomination is a great step in my career, a great achievement and a hug for the soul, for all the work that went into creating this album. 3 years ago I returned to music, and I decided to start sharing experiences and stories through my songs, be as honest as possible, and today this is the result … I can’t be more grateful, I’m still in shockI’m still very excited, I’ve already cried too much, but above all, very grateful to the Academy, with the industry, of course, for recognizing the work that is not only mine and my experiences, but also of a lot of people who are involved … KO was a great catharsis for me, continuing to bring fruit to this great piece is a great honor, a huge pride, and also to be nominated alongside great friends and colleagues, who I love very much and respect. I believe that today I feel like a winner just for being there, and to fulfill one of my dreams.

-We saw you when you received the emotional news, jumping, what happened inside you the moment you found out?

Danna Paola: I was having a very revealing moment this 2021 about my career, I am making decisions, Well they say that he who does not risk does not win, and I think I was or that I am in a process as good and new, that makes me channel and analyze 100% what I do … It gave me a hug to my soul, to this genuine artistic part that is inside of me, and the reason why I make music and it really was like a confirmation of, “just stop being, and stay honest, and keep sharing what you like, and making music out of passion, and out of the desire to share, and to infect the world with my lyrics ”. It really was a great sign of life for meInternally, I think it is a very revealing and quite luminous message.

-When it was KO, we talked about accepting who you are and defending it, now that time has passed and you already tried this that you decided in your life, what change?

Danna Paola: It has changed my way of seeing life, of seeing the industry … Of these 3 years that I decided to return to music they have been super revealing, from a lot of learning, I keep learning, I want to continue preparing. It was a lesson in there is no impossible, that it was really something that I saw still very far away, and that I did not understand, and it was like at what moment is it going to happen. It was such a cathartic album for me, to know everything I learned in 2020. Everything the bad in the end I turned it into good things, in creating, allowing me to be 100% sincere, in having a balance about my life and also my artistic life. My way and my strength have changed a lot, I think Nowadays, I take things with much more courage, much more confidence, and I try to continue defending my authenticity and my vision as an artist. It is something very important, and that my fans and my public see it reflected in me every day. The better you are internally, everything else fits, and the universe returns it to you, what you attract is what you project, so it is very nice to know that what I do, what I do, my work has repercussions out there.

Danna Paola and her album KO. Photo: Universal Music

-What does an award mean to you? Beyond putting it in a nice place where you can see it

Danna Paola: Sometimes they have this notion of the ego, but I think it is to see it much beyond that. The recognitions are an achievement for each artist by the public, in this case by the Academy, which is something very heavy, It is like an Oscar, that at some point in my life I would also like to be nominated for something like that, I keep working for it. They have an important value, beyond the ego and the star and you did it well, you earned it for your merit. It is a hug to the soulYes, it is a little star but like the universe, it is a very great blessing of perseverance, of perseverance, of work, it is not only earning it for its own sake. Everything has a background and I give it a very important value. Sometimes we focus more on the ambition to compete, to win and numbers, beyond what really matters, which, for me, is to make a just change, to share music, to be different, and to be different. something happens to people with my music, that’s my biggest prize, is my desire always. Every song that I share is already a prize for me, and actually seeing people’s reaction is a very soul filling thing.

-You speak a lot about courage and your lyrics reflect it, what stories do the fans who have touched their lives share with you?

Danna Paola: I love to see how the songs are received, and to say, “I went through this too, I learned the same as you” … It is incredible to see how your experiences, my very situations and memories of my life, are something very similar to those of any fans. There are people who make me so proud, The doors have been opened to come out of the closet, to no longer allow violence from a partner, for example, with ‘Calla Tú’, with raising your voice, with the theme of ‘Ni una Más’, with not allowing us to remain silent, the support between women.

Also the empowerment that I always try to put into my songs. I see a lot of reaction from many women, who tell me: “Your music empowers me, it makes me feel safe, I would like to be just as safe as you ”. And I say: “It is that I too is something that I have worked hard for, I also have many insecurities and I am not perfect.” What I try to represent the most is that, and that people identify with me, and see that their stories are very similar to mine, and that we are all human, and that we make mistakes, they break our hearts, we fall in love and move forward with great courage … What I try to convey is that, my experiences, for someone else to tell such a person or such a song that I heard from Danna, and it made me reflecting because it has happened to me with songs and lyrics that make me reflect on my life, and even with my own songs, is like a lesson for me.

Danna Paola
Danna Paola. Photo: Universal Music

-What is the biggest lesson you learned from KO?

Danna Paola: That It’s okay to be wrong, I love drama, I’m super drama Queen, but really all that went into creating this album, and putting various experiences on it, various failed relationships, broken hearts, was, it’s okay to be vulnerable, vulnerability is not synonymous with weakness, I learned a lot from that, that being vulnerable does not make you weak, on the contrary, it makes you much stronger. Being able to share and have that ability to show your feelings. Although after that album I was drained, believe me it was a chapter closing, and a great life lesson, about it is good to be honest and the more honest you are the better too, I say it again, what you project is what you attract, and believe me that what I projected on that album was, “I’m already tired of this, I’m tired of having my heart broken, I’m open to life presenting me with new things, learning to forgive”. I think it is something that I learned a lot too, I am a zero spiteful person, but It takes me time to forgive people with confidence, and sometimes we do not understand just that, that we are human beings and we only lock ourselves in our vision, with our things, our emotions and we have to stop being a little selfish with that, and also think about the other person.

-What is Danna not allowing today?

Danna Paola: Of course the hypocrisy, the lies, I think that is something that I have very clear from a few years ago to here, I think that part of the things that I have learned, already I have had to live a lot of very dense and very heavy things, about I already know what I do not want in my life, in a relationship, in my friendships, the limit also with family, it is something super normal to talk about. There are many people who say: “No, because he is your mother, because he is your father and that is how you have to accept it.”… And no, we are individuals, we are human beings and we must respect ourselves and have healthy communication, communication is the most important thing for everything. I do not allow disrespect of any minimum, and denigrate myself as a woman never and that is something that, thank God, I have been able to eliminate from my life, all those people who underestimate my intelligence or who underestimate me as a woman, etc, and thank God, really, I am surrounded by wonderful people who value me, who respect me, because I do the same, that is, I think that just as give the same, it has to be reciprocal.



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