Dark Desire second season, now on Netflix

The second season of dark desire is now available on the platform Netflix, which has caused great fury among fans of the love story between Darius War Y Solar Soul. However, the end of the story has been a bit confusing for some, so we proceed to explain what happened in the New episodes Spoiler alert!

Let us remember that the first installment of the series arrived in July 2020 and immediately captivated the audience with its plot full of drama and eroticism. Now, the public will have the opportunity to discover a sinister facet of the character played by Alejandro Speitzer, who will resume his toxic romance with the character of Maite Perroni despite being engaged.

The new season of the series is now available on Netflix. Catherine Siachoque’s character will arrive to expose more of Darío’s secrets.

Among the novelties offered by this second season we have Juliet Lazcano, the fiancée of the protagonist, who is played by actress Ariana Nava and whose character ends dying in a very tragic way. Alma and Darío are found at the crime scene, the latter being considered a suspect but surprisingly reveals that he has a twin brother who is trying to steal his identity, or at least that is what he claims.

However, Juliet’s father discover a video that incriminates Alma and ends up handing him over to Darío with the intention that he hand him over to the authorities, but he ignores him and ends up helping him escape from the police. It should be noted that Esteban, who has just been released from prison, is also involved in the controversy by trying to help his former sister-in-law.

A new character interferes between Alma and Darío

Catherine Siachoque’s character will arrive to expose more of Darío’s secrets.

Added to the story is actress Catherine Siachoque, who plays Lys Antoine, a former lover and Darío’s adoptive mother, who also has a criminal past as she is guilty of the murder of her husband, for which she is framed in the tragic death of Julieta. It is important to mention that she comes to the plot to take revenge.

heading to the end, Alma discovers that there is no such thing as an impostor twin and that the author of the crimes is Darío., who confesses that he murdered his fiancée and invented that story in order to collect a millionaire inheritance. The second season ends with him in the hospital and under surveillance by the police, with Lys in jail and her leaving her toxic romance behind.

How many episodes does the second season of Dark Desire have?

The second season of Dark Desire is made up of 15 chapters, which are available exclusively on Netflix. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, the first installment of the series managed to be a resounding success worldwide due to the scenes of eroticism and death starring Alejandro Speitzer and Maite Perroni.

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