Darwin Cipión breaks the silence

  • Widower of Daniela Rodríguez breaks the silence on the death of his wife
  • The former contestant of ‘Enamorándonos’ died of cardiorespiratory arrest
  • “His heart could not bear it,” said Darwin Cipión

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión. After the sensitive loss of the former contestant of the reality show Enamorándonos USA, Daniela Rodríguez, who lost her life due to a cardiorespiratory arrest. Much has been said about how his last moments of life were with his wife, who was with her until the end.

After more than a month has passed since her death, Daniela’s widower, Darwin Cipión breaks the silence about the death of his wife and explains how his partner’s last moments were. It should be remembered that Rodríguez began to feel bad when he was with her husband, all this is revealed in an interview with Primer Impacto.

Daniela Rodríguez’s widower breaks the silence

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión
Instagram photo Daniela Rodríguez

It was on August 25 when the unfortunate death of the contestant of the Enamorándonos USA program, Daniela Rodríguez at the age of 29, was announced, just when she was in her native country, Mexico, outside a clinic in beauty, where she was with her mother and husband.

The former participant of the famous show where the members went to find their ideal partner, surprised when she went down the street with her husband Darwin Cipion, since at that moment the young woman suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. Her partner immediately transferred her to a clinic, but despite their efforts they were unable to save her life.

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: “It was the last time we saw her alive”

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: "It was the last time we saw her alive"

It was during an interview with the Primer Impacto program shared on his Instagram account where Darwin Cipión explains what happened with his deceased partner, also confirming that Daniela had a problem with her hair due to a process that was carried out. His doctor had recommended that he cut it so that it would come out stronger again. And it tells how he lived his death.

“We got to see a doctor, a dermatologist and at one point he told me that he was going to get in the car because he had a discomfort in his chest and he got into the car and then, in less than 5 minutes, his friend ran in and said that now it had collapsed and that was the last time we saw her alive, “said Darwin.

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: “His heart could not bear it”

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: "His heart could not bear it"
Photo Instagram First Impact

Already being in the clinic, his doctor’s version affirms that: “from the age of 19 he had something or had something pending in his heart”, but Daniela’s widower assures that the doctor “could never give it as a diagnosis”. Apparently they never cared about this problem that would end their life.

“I don’t know if she had an aneurysm in her coronary artery, in one of the most important, the coronary artery, but she knows, she knew, she reported that they did three catheterizations. He did not finish defining her, he no longer followed her. Unfortunately all the emotions experienced when arriving in Mexico, his heart could not bear it and it stopped working unfortunately. We went to meet the family and on the third day of being in Mexico then yes, unfortunately, it leaves me ”, added Cipión.

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: “Closing that cycle is going to be difficult”

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: "Closing this cycle is going to be difficult"
Instagram photo Daniela Rodríguez

He even mentions that he has not been able to return to the place where he lived with his wife: “I have not been able to enter because it is still not easy for me to enter and relive so many beautiful memories,” he admitted, “I lived the hardest part when I left her in Mexico, but I left her with her family and with a people that always loved her ”.

Despite having been married for a short time, Darwin affirms that it is very difficult to forget her, since her love was very great: “But closing that cycle is going to be difficult, I am not ready yet, but I know that she It will give the strength to do it and it will never go away, it will always be in my heart, “said the widower.

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: The sad farewell

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: The sad farewell
Instagram photo Daniela Rodríguez

They only had 4 months of being married, since it was in 2019 when they met during the Falling in Love USA show, but Darwin Cipión does not consider that life with him was unfair: “I don’t think it was unfair, we both were always very Catholic and that was the time that God lent it to me and I thank him because during that short time we lived a story ”.

At the end of the interview, the young man confessed how he said goodbye to his beloved wife at the time of death: “With a kiss and a rose and saying ‘see you soon'”. Adamas said that talking about that terrible moment for him gives him a lot of feeling: “It does give me a little feeling.” TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión: Painful message from Daniela Rodríguez’s husband

Sorrowful message from the husband

The world of entertainment was in mourning for the sensitive death of the former member of the reality show Enamorándonos USA de Univisión, Daniela Rodríguez. The sad news moved her acquaintances by the surprise death of the young woman that impacted all the companions who lived with her, according to People en Español.

Given this situation, several celebrities sent their condolences to Daniela’s family, for the sensitive loss. Even her husband dedicated some emotional and painful words to her on his social networks to say goodbye to his beloved: “I will always take care of you, even if you have left me. I will always love you, always my beautiful mors ”, he expressed.

It moved the netizens

It moved the netizens

It is worth mentioning that Daniela and Darwin’s couple had barely been married 4 months and according to their posts on Instagram they had several life plans, one of which was to start a family. Even the message from Rodríguez’s husband moved his followers who reacted to this message.

“My condolences, my countryman Darwin, we are with you from the Dominican Republic”, “God give strength and great strength to the whole family”, “How sad, God give comfort to him and other relatives,” wrote some of the Internet users in Darwin’s social network profile. Filed Under: Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión

“Very regrettable loss”

 "Very regrettable loss"

Through the People en Español Instagram account, they shared a photo where you can see Daniela Rodríguez very happy with her husband Darwin Cipion. Immediately the followers took the opportunity to send their condolences and react to the post of the widowed husband’s message.

What a poor sadness and how happy they looked, it is incredible what happened. God comforts her husband and family. It must seem like a bad dream to her. glory ”,“ Very unfortunate loss ”,“ What sad news, so young and so happy that they looked RIP ”, some users commented. Filed Under: Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión

Did you already anticipate his death?

Did you already anticipate his death?

Many even claim that he already sensed his death, since a few days ago the famous contestant wrote a strange message on her official Instagram account, along with a photograph with her husband: “I only ask life that the days to reach me tell you how much I love you @flaccocipion ”.

“I am still shocked and very anguished,” said Rafael Araneda

"I am still shocked and very anguished," said Rafael Araneda
Photo Instagram Rafael Araneda

After the sensitive death of Daniela Rodríguez was reported, Chilean host Rafael Araneda, host of this famous Univision program, shared an emotional message on social networks: “Today I woke up to the sad news that Daniela Rodríguez had died suddenly. I continue to be shocked and very anguished for her husband, Darwin Cipion, and for all the loved ones of this beautiful couple, ”wrote Rafael Araneda.

Also, the Chilean driver confessed that Daniela and Darwin showed from the first chapter of Enamorándonos that love at first sight does exist, in addition to the fact that geographical distances would not be an impediment to strengthen their relationship and form a family. Filed Under: Widower Daniela Rodríguez Darwin Cipión