Daughter of Alicia Machado talks about Roberto Romano after ignoring him in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

The viral moment of the grand finale of “La Casa de los Famosos” did not include Alicia Machado after becoming the winner of $ 200 thousand dollars. It was Dinorah Valentina, the daughter of Miss Universe, who took the night away when she completely ignored Roberto Romano.

Dinorah greeted all the participants of the Telemundo reality show after congratulating her famous mother for winning. However, when she was in front of Roberto, the young woman skipped it and despite the fact that Alicia told her to greet him, she refused to do so.

Let us remember that Roberto spoke very badly of Alicia when he was inside “La Casa de los Famosos”, he even said that he was uncomfortable kissing her on the mouth and that if he stayed close to her it was a game strategy so that the public would not see him badly if he rejected her.

After the incident that happened during the live broadcast of the grand finale, it seems that Dinorah was already able to speak with her mother. Upon arriving at the Miami airport, the reporters from “Suelta la Sopa” were able to speak with the famous woman and asked Dinorah what she thought of Roberto.

He’s a good boy” said the teenager to the cameras of” Suelta la Sopa. ”

What is certain is that Alicia went out with Roberto to dinner one day after leaving “La Casa de los Famosos” and before traveling to her home in Miami.