Daughter of an African American, former Disney girl, girlfriend of Tom Holland and vegetarian: Zendaya, the actress who conquers the world

Screams, blows, crying, desperation… The scene performed by Zendaya in the fifth episode of the second season of euphoriathe successful series of HBO, turned into a master class in acting. Completely overwhelmed by drug use, rue, his character, faces his worst ghosts. And the American actress had no qualms about putting her body to the performance. “It was a very hard day. I hit myself. I still have some scars on my legs and some bruises”, he recognized, after the impact generated by his work.

At just 25 years old, this young woman born in Oakland, California, has become one of the most respected actresses in the world. But she not only stands out for her talent, but she is also in the news for her sentimental life. And more since in July of last year the paparazzi surprised her kissing her with Tom Hollandthe protagonist of spider-man. The rumors that linked them had been circulating for a long time, more precisely since 2017, when they shot the first saga movie about the classic superhero of Marvel. However, both insisted on denying the romance until the photos appeared.


Immediately, the shipping of “Tomdaya” went viral along with those images that confirmed the courtship. It is true that, in mid-2019, Holland had been caught with Olivia Bolton in London’s Hyde Park. And Zendaya, for her part, would have maintained a relationship Jacob Elordi, his partner in the teen series. But none of these relationships were solid enough for the reunion of both on the set of the latest installment of the Spiderman I wouldn’t put them back together.

Since then, Zendaya and Tom decided to live their story without hiding. In fact, in the last hours it transpired that both would have decided to buy a mansion valued at more than four million dollars in the exclusive neighborhood of Richmond, in southwest London, England, to begin testing coexistence in the actor’s home country. They will have as neighbors neither more nor less than Mick jagger, Angelina Jolie Y Tom Hardyamong other great international figures.

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya with Tom Holland

On more than one occasion, Zendaya made public her admiration for Tom as a professional. And ever since they first appeared in a scene from spider-man, fans just want to see her by his side. For this reason, the third season of euphoria, all expressed their wishes that Holland be part of the series. A possibility that Tom himself admitted that he would like to realize, when asked by the press. However, nothing is confirmed about it.

“He supported me throughout the season. We’ve talked about that. You know, we joke about hiding it in the background and see if anyone can spot it”, Said the actress in a humorous tone, without wanting to rule out or confirm a possible cameo of Tom in the fiction directed by Sam Levinson, which deals with youth problems in the crudest way and today is on everyone’s lips. But the reality is that, beyond the success and popularity that she achieved as a duo with Holland in the adventures of the arachnid adolescent, before getting to that role Zendaya already had a long way to go.

The daughter of a father of African-American origin and a mother of German and Scottish descent, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman He said that his given name comes from Shona, a Bantu language native to the people of the same name in Zimbabwe, and that it means “to give thanks.” She went to Fruitvale Elementary School as a child, where her mother worked as a teacher. And being very young, she was very interested in acting. So it didn’t take long for her to start her training at various art schools in California, which allowed her to take her first steps on stage very soon.

Modeling, commercials and participation in different video clips were the starting point of his career. However, life changed for Zendaya from the moment she decided to audition for Shake It Up. Since then, she became a “Disney girl” and did not stop reaping successes both on television and in cinema, as well as in her musical facet. And her awards and nominations were not elusive. Although her most important award was the Emmy that she received in 2020 for her dramatic performance in the first season of euphoria, and that turned her into the youngest artist to receive such an award.

Zendaya receiving the Emmy for best actress at the 2020 virtual ceremony
Zendaya receiving the Emmy for best actress at the 2020 virtual ceremony (YOUTUBE / EMMY /)

A lover of clothing, back in 2016 Zendaya also decided to venture into the field of footwear and clothing, creating accessible models for all budgets. But in addition, her slogan was to achieve original and comfortable garments that could be used by all types of women regardless of their body so that, once and for all, fashion can be inclusive. After its first launch, the large sizes were the first to sell out.

The actress has publicly stated that she stopped eating meat at the age of 11 and explained the reasons. “My main reason for being a vegetarian is that I am an animal lover.definitely not because i love vegetables“, he pointed. And she remembered that at that age, and while she was on a car trip with her father, the man decided to stop at a slaughterhouse to explain what she was about, generating a genuine rejection in that girl.

“I thought it was horrible. all those animals packed in there, waiting to be killed. I couldn’t believe that was my meat!”, explained Zendaya, who from that moment decided that she would never be a carnivore again. “The only thing I miss is my mom’s famous turkey burgers, but that’s about it,” she acknowledged when asked about her diet. And she clarified that she kept turning to fast food as long as it was plant-based.

This being the case, everything indicates that Zendaya’s life has nothing to do with the young woman on the edge that she plays in Euphoria. In fact, in recent days, some organizations have come out to question the series saying that it “promotes” or “romanticizes” the use of drugs. But the actress responded crudely: “This is not a morality tale teaching people how they should live their lives.”. In fact, in every shot where you have to put yourself in the shoes of ruethe actress ends up deeply moved.

The new chapters will be a direct continuation of the Christmas specials that were released between 2020 and 2021. (HBO)
Zendaya in the role of Rue, in Euphoria

“I am very grateful to be in a space where I feel comfortable and safe, with actors and actresses with whom I am obviously very close. After every take, we hug, talk and check in, because obviously it’s like a war zone.”, said Zendaya in relation to the colleagues who accompany her in the cast and who make her task much easier. And she made it clear that her intention is that those who suffer from the same problems as her character, can feel that they are not the only ones dealing with such situations and be encouraged to ask for help.


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