Daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo confesses that she had to go to the hospital in an emergency

Ale capetillo She lived one of the biggest scares since she moved to live alone in Madrid, Spain, where she has been carrying out some professional projects and studying since the beginning of 2021. However, After attending a friend’s event, she began to feel bad, which is why she had to go to the hospital emergency room.

It was during a series of videos shared in the stories of his official Instagram account, where the daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo shared the details of her unexpected visit to the hospital, which was due to a series of sudden discomforts that she began to feel practically from nowhere, which made her think that it could be a positive case of COVID-19.

I don’t know what happened to me, apart he climbed super fast. The joke is that I went to an event and it was fine and out of nowhere, at night, I started to feel cold in the bones of my feet up to my back, I started to feel frozen cold. My bone started to hurt and I said: ‘Something is happening’“Narrated the 22-year-old influencer.

According to the symptoms he described, he felt chills that even caused pain when performing movements and “every time I was climbing more“, So he came home and confirmed that it was not normal.

After checking her temperature, she confirmed that she had a high fever, but his concern increased when he discovered that it was 39 ° C, with which he felt that he was “melting”. It was then that he decided to call his parents in Mexico to tell them what was happening and it was they who asked him to go immediately to a hospital.

I dialed my parents and they told me: ‘You are going to the hospital right now.’ I did not want to I have a fear of doctors and hospitals and more being away from my family. But my parents told me to leave, ”he added.

And it was in the hospital where they performed the first tests with which they managed to rule out that it was Coronavirus, since it came out negative in them.

After the great scare that happened Alejandra Capetillo, the doctors diagnosed that only it is a strong flu, so with a few hours of rest and the appropriate care you will surely feel like new again.

Thank goodness negative on covid. Even so, I have one of those monumental colds, but I’m just getting better“, He said during his most recent stories, where he thanked the samples of affection and concern, as well as sharing some more details.

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