Daughter of Mario Quintero from Los Tucanes de Tijuana boasts an aesthetic body well worked by yoga

Maryel Quintero, daughter of Mario Quintero leader of Los Tucanes de Tijuana has made it clear that she does not need plastic surgery to have an impact body and that is that with yoga she gave herself the opportunity to have a very aesthetic body which she boasts every moment on their social networks.

For those who have not known for a long time, the young woman entered the world of reflective therapy which she has dominated like the greats, just look at the complicated postures she does, although for her it is a piece of cake because her body has become much more flexible, in addition this discipline helped her to completely forget the stress she had a long time ago due to school, because she has always been a very dedicated young woman although this eventually brought her health problems.

In one of his most recent photos he can be seen in sportswear and supporting his body with his arms, he also maintains an incredible balance where everything falls on the top, since his legs are the ones with a higher angle.

Calisthenics or yoga? Evidence that Yoga is more than “stretching”. Yoga is strength. Not only physical, but mental strength, which allows you to explore the limits of your body. This 2022, allow yourself to explore and experience, that’s why we came to this earth, love your body, take care of your mind, and let your soul be free, “he writes in his photo.

Although Maryel Quintero He has no relationship with the world of entertainment contrary to his father, he is very popular on social networks where he shares not only yoga routines but also how it is a coexistence next to his family which are almost always very funny especially when they do Tik Tok.

“That girl is a love for all God bless you beautiful”, “What a precious little thing, how I love you”, “By any chance you don’t want to get married Maryel? Hahaha”, are some of the comments that they write to this young woman in social networks.

Another of the things for which she is filled with compliments is for her elegant way of dressing, because when it comes to a gala event, she overflows with a lot of elegance with the dreamy dresses that she looks worthy of a princess.

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