Daughter of Ximena Navarrete wears crown of beauty queen

Through social networks, the former Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete she conquered her followers with a tender photograph of her newborn daughter, wearing the Miss Universe crown and ribbon.

We recently announced that Ximena Navarrete is already a mother and since then she has shared with her followers photographs of her daughter and the great moment she is living.

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that now her baby wears the Miss Universe crown and ribbon and the former queen shows off how cute she looks.

Ximena Navarrete and her daughter

The daughter of the former Miss Universe wears the ribbon and crown of Miss Universe The former beauty queen shares details of her motherhood

With a beautiful photo, the former Mexican Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete shows her daughter as a Miss Universe, accompanied by a tender legend.

“Ready to see my first Miss Universe wearing my own crown and band … (obviously my mom won it for me)”, wrote Ximena in her networks.

As expected, Juan Carlos, husband of the former beauty queen and father of the baby wrote:

“Ready to see her first Miss Universe with the Crown and Mom’s band.”

Ximena Navarrete’s publication on social networks was filled with messages of love from her followers, who wished the baby and her family the best.

Ximena Navarrete family

Former beauty queen shares details of her motherhood

Ximena Navarrete became a mother on December 8, since then she has confessed that for her she is the most beautiful baby in the world, to whom she gave her crown, even before little Ximena Valladares Navarrete was born.

Through her social networks, the actress and her husband Juan Carlos Valladares has shared details of her current life and how happy she feels for the birth of her first daughter who came to the world weighing 3,970 kilograms and measuring 52 centimeters.

“How beautiful a queen”, “I melt with love”, “My queen”, “Too beautiful”, “I die of love. The next Miss Universe ”, are some of the comments that the baby received.

The daughter of Ximena Navarrete She is 11 days old and since before her birth the former beauty queen already shared all the details of her maternity through social networks.

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